playing politics with traffic-calming

Rick, Joe, Lisa and Big Bill Quinn love playing politics with crime.

So are you surprised they’re at it again with traffic calming?

The #1 issue at the door is speeding/distracted traffic.

Coyle blasts Chiarelli for not spending his traffic-calming budget:

Rick likes to use his traffic-calming budget as an extra slush fund at election time. If you let him plant one of his taxpayer-funded lawn signs he’ll address your concerns by slapping down some paint…

… or putting up a speed board or some flexi-posts. But it’s not working this year:

I have yet to see a single Rick sign anywhere in the ward! Many think Rick is starting to panic: several polls put him in LAST PLACE.

Coyle and Kennery signs are all over the place on people’s front lawns.

It looks like even the benefactors of the corrupt councillor’s million-dollar slush fund are ashamed to have a Rick sign on their lawn.

Ottawa’s WORST career politician will deploy his old signs from the past 16 elections on public property starting next weekend.

He doesn’t have any volunteers to do it, so he’ll have to pay someone.

No problem, Rick’s campaign war chest is bulging with donations from the 1%. He can also use his taxpayer-funded employees (when they’re *cough cough* “off duty”).

Democracy in action at the friendly Bells Corners mosque.

Doors wide open!

Lynwood retired residents at the elevator-challenged Thorncliffe Place.

Free cookies at Lynwood-Revera!

Going my way?

Friendly community BBQ at the Bells Corners Pentecostal Church.

Rob Campbell?

Bells Corners home prices: more bad news for renters.

Field hockey at Bell H.S.


En français tabarnac!

South Indian food in the Westcliffe plaza where they have the dog BBQs.

Is Bells Corners going to the dogs?

Supporting the troops.

Repainting (again) the Local Heroes/Pizza Hut roof.

Hauling away the kitchen stuff.

Don’t gamble! Vote Campbell.

A tale of two Todds.

Too young to vote.

Don’t vote Jim!

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