running the gauntlet on the sidewalk to nowhere

residents strolling along the Westcliffe sidewalk on the strip

Imagine you’re a pedestrian (or a mom pushing a stroller, a wheelchair person, an old gent using a walker, a kid on a bicycle, etc.) on the sidewalk to nowhere. It’s clear sailing heading east along the strip, along a narrow shared-use strip of asphalt, (not a real sidewalk, but that just adds to its charm).

“Great!” the pedestrian exclaims. The Myers cars aren’t parked on the whatever-it-is today!”

So the pedestrian gets a brief respite before having to run the gauntlet.

the gauntlet looking west below

Here’s the fun part, sharing a tight space cheek to jowl with speeding cars and busses.

Will those cars soon be moving? The community has been after Rick ever since Bill was in diapers to do something, and, amazingly, it looks like he’s actually done something!
According to the minutes of the last WECA meeting Rick has “asked the City legal team to look into the Myers car lot.”

Does this mean that bylaw officers will be visiting and “asking” for the cars to be removed from the sidewalk? Will the sidewalk be clear within a few weeks? Normally I’d be skeptical, thinking of the long list of Rick/BIA broken promises, but there has been a lot of local pressure on the councillor to throw a bone to the pedestrians – the natives are restless and Rick is sweating a bit. He’s even throwing in a short stretch of sidewalk between Fitzgerald and Moodie, just so his his million dollar road-widening doesn’t look as bad.

One more obstacle to overcome for our eastbound pedestrian (this is what Catherine was talking about):

And then you can get at the stores in the cursed plaza after running one last gauntlet.

Here’s another look at the Westcliffe sidewalk.

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2 Responses to running the gauntlet on the sidewalk to nowhere

  1. TonyL1 says:

    “So the pedestrian gets a brief respite before having to run the gauntlet.”

    That’s a accident waiting to happen, possibly a death. Is that what it would take to change/fix this, a tragedy?

    I’ve seen a few of those 3 and 4-wheel mobility scooters go through the Gauntlet and the Pre-gauntlet, just frightening….

  2. Brian says:

    Are these cars parked legally or not?, If not, I don’t understand why they are not ticketed!

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