it’s a crime!

This is the big night on Seyton Drive in Westcliffe – what passes for “public consultation” in Rick’s Bells Corners.
The massive expansion of the Robertson-Moodie intersection will bring us more cut-through traffic, a huge construction mess during the next couple of years, cost up to $3M, and make the strip even less pedestrian and cyclist-friendly.
The intersection functions perfectly at the moment, and the new Official Master Plan is calling for traffic to be measured in “peak period – usually a 3 hour period” as opposed to the “peak hour” planning that is being used to justify this flawed project: the plan is to shift away from building roads to handle the absolute maximum amount of traffic expected in one peak hour of the day and towards a system that would spread out demand over a few hours. That would mean fewer road widenings and fewer new roads, reducing the pressure to construct roads by about 15 per cent.
But Rick wants to be expand Moodie/Robertson to increase drive-through traffic and entice Sens fans and workers from the new military base to come and spend money on the strip.
No doubt many of Rick’s generous supporters in the construction industry will get to dip their beaks, and his backers on the BIA board will record windfall profits.

If Rick, like so many other Bells Corners residents, gets one of his vehicles stolen right out of his driveway, will he have to imitate councillors Mark Taylor and Stephen Blais and pay back the $6K annual car allowance?
The City snow plow that recently knocked out the power for 8 hours along the Westcliffe strip gave us a small taste of the traffic chaos that’s heading our way next summer. $25K in spoiled FreshCo groceries had to be sent to the landfill.

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9 Responses to it’s a crime!

  1. Dave Mc says:

    *sigh* millions spent on an intersection that works perfectly well.
    All justified because the PEAK volume to capacity ratio is 1.01, meaning at the PEAK traffic hour (note: the measurement is based on ONE hour of maximum traffic) if you’re at the back of the line of cars you MIGHT not make it through the intersection during one cycle of the lights.

    OMG run for the hills! I might have to wait a couple more minutes to get through! Get the engineers in. Get the developers in. Let’s all get on board and make some money! We’ll get this passed through council with the right spin doctor at the helm.

    Try waiting at the intersection of Baseline and Greenbank in the PEAK traffic hour in the morning. It can take up to three cycles of the light to get through.

    Maybe I’m oversimplyfying things. Maybe I’m not seeing the benefits of the glorious new proposed walking and cycling facilities. Glory be Smart Channels!

    Bells Corners’ new ad campaign- “We keep the traffic flowing!”

  2. Carlos says:

    I find this an odd allocation of funds. I actually support spending money to deal with traffic issues but I just don’t see the need here. I use this intersection a least twice a day and often as many as six or eight times a day — seven days a week. My usage is fairly random so unless I am just lucky I should experience this traffic issue and I never have. It is extremely rare to not manage a turn on the first light even at rush hour. When it does happen it is always the fault of the front car taking too long to react and losing a lot of turning time because of that.

    There are a lot of places in Ottawa where street expansion would be more useful. Given Ottawa roads are starting to resemble Quebec roads with the potholes and roughness, even just using the same funds to resurface our current roads would be a better allocation. My guess is that this is a build-it-now in anticipation of near future need but, given how often city bureaucrats are wrong, that kind of preemptive building is wasteful.

    • Jayme says:

      With DND moving to the Nortel campus, that will mean around 10,000 workers, and you would think many will move to the area. Then you add the new mosque, which I think will be the biggest in Eastern Ontario, with room for around 800-1200 people, so a lot more demand on our roads, etc.

      My issue is not widening Robertson – it’s how the city is going about it. I also take issue with the impact construction will have – a project this size will have a huge impact.

      As for traffic, it’s very bad early morning and late in the day, and by bad I mean bumper to bumper. Add DND and the mosque traffic – it’s only going to get far worse.

  3. Jay says:

    This is going to affect all stores and residents, but the biggest impact will be on the mom and pop stores when people won’t come into BC due to this massive construction.

  4. lana says:

    The project engineer let me know that the widening will save 4 seconds in the morning, and 14 seconds in the afternoon. Curious, I would think the BIA would want people slowing down… rather than speeding through.

  5. FoothillsRez says:

    Good morning everyone,

    I live on Foothills Drive and the last few mornings I’ve been awakened at 5:30 a.m. with what sounds like construction noise, from the Moodie Drive area, or possibly from the Bayshore project.

    Has anyone else been disturbed by this noise? I’m just wondering what’s it from and why the people making this noise don’t abide by City bylaws.

    I called the City of Ottawa this morning, and the kind person on the phone told me she could do nothing to help me since I cannot give her the civic address of the source of this mysterious noise.

    I told her it is loud enough to sound like deep digging, or a passing train, or even a nearby helicopter.

    It lasts for over an hour in the morning, and I have heard it at other times of day. Apparently the City will not send out bylaw officers unless they know of an exact location.

    Can anyone give me some info?
    Thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I live on Foothills as well and was jogging one morning when I heard the same noise. In the house it sounds like a very deep bass (low rumbling) type of sound. It’s the workers at Bell High School firing up some kind of machine to help work with the tar while they are working on the roof. I thought this was too early as well to be making this kind of noise. It’s very annoying and I was hoping it wouldn’t last but they’ve been very punctual and persistent all week.

  7. Dave Mc. says:

    Ottawa by-laws allow for construction noise ONLY between the hours of 7:00 am and 22:00 pm.

  8. Defensive driver says:

    No matter what you do at Moodie and Robertson – macho truck driver, punks, and just about everyone else can’t drive. Period!

    You could ring the road with huge elastic bands and hay bales and it wouldn’t help much.

    Some macho punk drove his car into a pole last week on Lynhar. Okay, it was raining, but it’s a straight section of mostly unpotholed road with a 40km/h limit! Show-off blues or Mary Jane?

    We still bomb around in January like it was July. Our Bells Corners driving mentality has changed from terrible to lousy!

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