double-drive-thru drugstore signs

This sign is not exactly a thing of beauty!

At least the “temporary” signs along the strip are sometimes unique and quirky, more interesting than the huge billboards or the insipid BIA banners.

This dentist pays a hefty fee for the right to put up his sign, and we know how badly the City needs tax revenue. He’s taking up a lot of room there – soon the politicians will want to be using that space for their signs for the October election.

These guys are putting up the sign at the new double-drive-thru drugstore.

This is where another big sign was supposed to be installed, but they may rip it up and put it somewhere else.

Here they’re installing a sign to indicate the clearance for customers using the drive-thru.

This is the track that brings you your purchases if you’re using the right-hand side drive-thru lane.

Here’s a peek at the inside.

Meanwhile they’re just about finished packing everything up at the Goodwill store.

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6 Responses to double-drive-thru drugstore signs

  1. TonyL1 says:

    What does one get using the Rexall Drive-Thru besides prescription drugs?

    Whatever happened to just walking into the dang store… sheesh!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for Rick and the son he never had to cut the ribbon on Rexall. They’ll make a big fuss over themselves and all the good they’re doing for Bells Corners, while Jay and Doug Hempstead argue over who gets to film it.

    Meanwhile in the background five more stores will close.

  3. Geoff says:

    Ugh. Have you seen how the new Rexall completely blocks out Sukhothai from the west? I’d be pissed if I were them. That’s one of the hidden gems of the strip.

    Now literally a hidden gem!

  4. TonyL1 says:

    Geoff, I noticed that also on Wednesday. I saw Sukhothai from the east first, it was in a shadow;
    Rexall completely blocking it from the sun (in the late afternoon). From the west, same assessment as yours…

  5. margaret says:

    I can’t imagine how planning gave permission for Rexall to build that far out onto the ‘sidewalk’
    it is completely out of alignment with any of the other plaza buildings.
    Sukhothai should complain but it’s a bit late for that
    the least the developer could do is provide them with new signage and lighting in full view of the street

  6. Dave Mc says:

    The sign might be quirky, but it always helps to at least spell correctly.
    It’s “lose” not “loose”!

    – It could be a deliberate error just to draw attention to the sign. It’s apparently a common strategy in Bells Corners.

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