cyclists invade; Fools get fooled

After the Russians it’s the bikers’ turn to invade Planet Bells Corners.

Human-powered vehicle operators plan a “tactical suburban action” for Sunday July 22. How to get there.

Moodie pop-up bike lane BBQ Fun Day from the Healthy Transportation Coalition.

Cycling paradise?

Bells Corners biking.

Bike lane stubs were part of the foolish $3M+ expansion of the Robertson/Moodie intersection.

But cyclists are soon dumped back into speeding traffic when the lanes end suddenly.

Bikes vs. cars?

Bell HS

Fools get fooled: Lynwood Village doesn’t have a community building! Only a fake councillor and a fake community association.

Bike-taxi passengers at the Giant Tiger.

Free bike-taxi ride to FreshCo.

Celebrating at High Fives.

Bells Corners is the drive-thru capital of Canada.

Tax grab by the 1%?

Harvey’s at the Colonel’s.

Prince Shawarma rises from the dead.

Welcome to the Nepean Mini Market in the Westcliffe plaza.

Not to be confused with the Bells Corners Mini Mart.

Pedestrian parade.

Lots of places to eat shawarma on the strip.

These ladies took a free ride along the Moodie active transportation corridor.

$474,900 on Virgil. Home prices in Bells Corners.

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