Moodie light rail Kaboom!

Holiday weekend! Queen spotted in Bells Corners!

Making Bells Corners great again? Vote here.

Why was Seyton Drive designed without curbs to protect pedestrians on the sidewalk?

A boy was killed on the Seyton sidewalk by a speeding driver. Would a curb have helped?

Homelessness and addiction in Bell Corners.

Panhandling in Bells Corners.

Working for Uncle Bob. Will the Chiarelli Family patriarch survive the June 7 vote?

Will Jeremy have better luck than Randall Denley?

Summer is a state of mind at the Bells Corners Loblaws.
So many grocery stores in Bells Corners!

Snapping turtle at Andrew Haydon’s park.

Moodie light rail station.

Just a short bike ride away for Bells Corners cyclists. Crossing the 417 is the fun part.

Outside the opulent TD Bank.

Star Fries is open!

At the entrance to Bellwood, across from the Queen.

Dairy Queen melts.

Enthusiastic bike-taxi passengers

This electric “scooter” is 30 years old. Attach the pedals and it becomes a bike.

No insurance/licence and you can go anywhere a bike or a car can go (top speed 60 km/h).

Entrance Pool cracks repaired by City workers, to be turned over to the lifeguards June 16.

In the FreshCo plaza.

Wind damage at Mr. Pho’s?

At the Co-op.

Taking the bike-taxi to Stillwater Creek.
Graduating class at Bell High School.

Go Bruins!

Students building fires near the Bell Centennial Arena.

Outdoor ed class.

At the Bells Corners library.

Heart hero at Bells Corners PS.

Getting instructions for Jump Rope for Heart.


Cardboard compactor behind the Starbucks plaza.

Will Waste Management take it to Mount Stittsville?

Another place to recycle cardboard in the same plaza
Voting James?

Will Jim get his hands dirty and go door-to-door for Ryan in Bells Corners?

$439,000. Home prices in Bells Corners.

Fireworks for Vicky Day.


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