Westcliffe blast from the past

Excerpts from old Westcliffe community association newsletters:

traffic lights

Black Forest Lane

Westcliffe rink

Westcliffe Estates

Westcliffe Park

Westcliffe street names

Westcliffe executive

Westcliffe building

most recent newsletter

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One Response to Westcliffe blast from the past

  1. margaret says:

    apart from the blackforest lane article … that’s what I put out years ago, as part of a promo ‘open house’ a workshop for community and businesses about what westcliffe had been and was in 2002-3. the community building was quite active, but WECA wanted it used more

    interesting about blackforest lane … didn’t realise that preventing dump trucks going by DA Moodie school was the reason for closing Richmond at that point …. and it’s been a pain ever since – that road system never should’ve been allowed … not sure what the designers were on when that was designed. this article must’ve been before 1978 as it mentions the Nepean ‘township’ and the school was built in 1972 I think

    for some reason lights at Richmond/Moodie/Richmond were never in the books … maybe the other two sets were carrots to pacify !! it was a battle to get them … all to do with crossroad numbers, by the RMOCs method of tallying, a T junction with only 3 legs would NEVER warrant lights regardless of the counts on the 3 legs …… eg Timm Drive – still can’t see how traffic there ever warranted lights 🙂

    thanks for the memories ….

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