bike-friendly Bells Corners

The car is still king in Bells Corners and the botched strip renovations were a blown opportunity, but cycling has a bright future in our community. We’re the only area in Ottawa with a free bike-share service (to be launched this spring at the the same time as the Right Bike project), free bike-taxis (there are plans to expand the service) and easy access to a local bike coop where you can buy used bikes cheap and fix and maintain your own bike.

We have easy access to fantastic Greenbelt trails in Stony Swamp.

No wonder that even the councillor is hopping on the cycling bandwagon, claiming that he used to be an avid cyclist when he was in short pants – apparently as a teenager he once rode all the way to Bells Corners from his house! And he’s vaunted the merits of using the Bells Corners FREE Bike-share as a great way for a tourist staying in Bells Corners to go to Bluesfest.

You can follow a bike path to Andrew Haydon Park and the Ottawa River Pathway, from both Lynwood and Westcliffe.

There are lots of other segregated paths and interesting varied routes.

You can roll down to Shirley’s Bay.

You can commute to Kanata’s high tech or the new DND headquarters.

You can follow the Ottawa River pathway or take Richmond Road to go downtown, but there are lots of other good routes.

Here’s Bells Corners on the new City map. Note that the strip and Moodie Drive are missing links, thanks to Rick’s car-centric planning.

And here’s the picture from the new NCC map.

Please cycle responsibly!

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7 Responses to bike-friendly Bells Corners

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did a 6km loop through Kanata, Shirley’s Bay this summer and still have to do a write up on my Ottawa Bike blog. I discovered some inconsistencies on the maps as well as a few very hard to find paths. Overall, great cycling though.

    – Yes, neither the City nor the NCC map is perfect, in terms of inconsistencies, but they’re still quality products, especially considering the cost (NCC map free, City map $2). The City map has a lot of useful info and interesting local maps (eg. cycling routes in Barrhaven), along with (unfortunately) a prominent ad for a politician.

    A bonus with the NCC map is a detailed guide to the Cycloparc, Draveur, Plaisance and Papineau routes on the Quebec side.

    You can view the Ottawa Cycling Map online or purchase a copy from any of the following locations (for $2).

    City of Ottawa Client Service Centres:

    City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
    Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive
    Kanata, 580 Terry Fox Drive
    Orleans, 255 Centrum Boulevard

    Other locations:

    The Cyclery, 1115, Bank St, 613-730-2856,
    Fosters Sports, 305, Bank St., 613-236-9611,
    Kunstadt Sports,
    Glebe: 680, Bank St., 613-233-4820
    Ottawa South: 1583, Bank St., 613-260-0696
    Kanata: 462, Hazeldean Rd., 613-831-2059
    Cycos, 5, Hawthorne Ave., 613-567-8180,
    Dinardo’s Skis & Wheels, 44, Northside Rd., 613-596-0007,
    Full Cycle, 401, St. Laurent Blvd., 613-741-2443,
    Mountain Equipment Co-op, 366, Richmond Rd. 613-729-2700,
    Tommy and Lefebvre,
    Main Store: 464, Bank St., 613-236-9731
    Orléans Town Center: 250, Centrum Blvd., 613-834-2653
    Kanata Signature Center: 499, Terry Fox Dr., 613-271-8524

  2. Rich Littleton says:

    Rick is jumping on the cycling bandwagon? I hope it’s heavy duty to withstand the considerable political weight he carries! Any pictures of him on the bike-taxi? It would nice to see Rick play “the bigger man” and let bygones be bygones.

    – Rick has yet to partake of the bike-taxi, but his sidekick Alex Lewis tried it out for a trip along the Robertson gauntlet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The PC Computer store in the Beer Plaza, is closed.

    – Yup, PC Cyber is toast – one more victim of the dreaded Chiarelli BIA tax? The rumour is that the Cameron Highlanders are going to expand into their space.

  4. margaret says:

    I like the way many places in europe use a ‘red’ interlock or ‘plastic/rubber-type’ concrete for cyclists along side ‘grey’ brick etc for pedestrians – the dividing line
    this could’ve been done for most of the ‘strip’ and certainly done downtown

    – The Europeans have a lot of problems, but many countries have cycling infrastructure that puts Ottawa to shame and cuts the taxpayer a huge break. But we don’t have to look overseas for inspiration – Montreal is miles ahead of us.

  5. margaret says:

    never quite sure where to put new comments ….

    anyway think the city was doing its part to make this a bike friendly part of the city … observed yesterday snow plough in the westcliffe area, taking advantage of the ‘melt’ ploughing the side roads and dumping it into driveways … then voila … smaller machinery following said ploughs and shovelling the stuff dumped in the driveways onto adjoining property … deep sigh of relief from residents ….
    thank you city – our road is now walkable and ridable … and we still have driveway/road access

  6. TonyL1 says:

    “our road is now walkable and ridable … and we still have driveway/road access”

    Except for the dang cars at Myers. I took some pics of them last night – there’s only a tiny bit of room, and I feel bad for anyone disabled having to run the Robertson Gauntlet so close to moving traffic. A accident waiting to happen for sure!

  7. ottawaowl says:

    Carbon tax for Ontario, yes or no?

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