chipping away at Lynwood Village

I wonder how many Lynwood Village Bill Teron homes have been demolished since he built them in the early Sixties.

As far as I know, this bungalow on Larkspur is the only one.

This is what it looks like from the last Bill Teron home on Larkspur, formerly the second-last.

The dentist is expanding his facility to encompass the next door lot – since his existing business is zoned commercial/residential he can expand as long as someone lives in the new complex. Or something like that.

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3 Responses to chipping away at Lynwood Village

  1. Chris says:

    I recall a house on Ridgefield being demolished back in the mid-90s and then seeing a motorhome parked on the lot afterwards. Some of those newer, monstrous houses on Ridgefield near the school must have been built after a Teron house was demolished?

    – You’re probably thinking of these homes?

    You may be right but I think that the Teron Lynwood Village homes were never built that far west along Ridgefield. The whole area west of Sycamore and south of Quinpool predates the construction of Lynwood Village – it’s commonly called Arbeatha and residents even have their own RC-controlled community association led by Harry Splatt.

    Sycamore itself has some Teron homes and some monster homes. You can tell which is which by looking at the lot size – the newer Teron Lynwood Village homes (on the left) have smaller lots, usually 70 x 100 feet.

  2. Chris says:

    I forgot that those houses at the end of Ridgefield are part of Arbeatha. I tend to think of Lynwood and Arbeatha as one and the same when I technically shouldn’t. I wonder who built the houses in Arbeatha, the originals, not the newer monster houses?

    – Arbeatha pre-dates Bill Teron’s Lynwood Village, which was pretty much the first large-scale tract housing project in Ottawa, so I imagine the Arbeatha originals were done by a variety of small builders.

    Registration dates of subdivision plans: Arbeatha (1955-58), Lynwood Village (1958-62), the triangle inside of Richmond, Moodie and Robertson (1966), Westcliffe (1969-76).

  3. dave says:

    So who built the bungalows and backsplits and sidesplits in the triangle?

    – If you’re talking about the Tanglewood/Hadley Triangle (‘New Lynwood’), the answer is probably Edstan.

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