Jan Harder bought a bike!

You know that the times are a-changing when Jan Harder, the most rabidly pro-car councillor (next to Rick and Allan Hubley, of course), buys a bike (even while she calls investment in active transportation “just dumb”). And a couple of politicians like Mark, Scott, Tim, Rainer and Jim turned down the self-voted pay raise as a gesture of good will towards a cynical electorate.
What’s next – Rick riding the new “bike-lanes” along the strip?
Keith Egli, the new honcho at Transportation who displaced Marianne Wilkinson, promoting the Nepean Trail?
The Bells Corners BIA supporting a community free bike-share?
Ottawa city councillors approved their own pay raise on Thursday, though some of them say they don’t plan to keep the money.
Will Rick return his share of the loot like Mark Taylor?
hint: He may not eat there but RC likely has shares in Subway.

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One Response to Jan Harder bought a bike!

  1. margaret says:

    love the ‘strip’ bike lanes LMAO

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