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1. What’s the REAL reason the Bells Corners Pit Stop closed?
- The BC MaryPitt Stop is almost as old as the Canadian Tire building itself – it was built back in the Good Old Days of Nepean before man had invented the hydraulic hoist. The Wynne Ministry of the Environment inspector, after peeking at the dank, crumbling pit where the workers labour under our cars, gave the CT head office an ultimatum – invest some serious coin to make it safe or demolish it and turn the space into a permanent home for Kaboom! fireworks.
2. When will the iconic Al’s Steakhouse re-open?
- The friendly manager is on Bells Corners Rocks!
3. Who is this guy and why is he harassing bus riders?
- His name is Brendan and he’s running against Mark Taylor, Jim’s former office boy, on an anti-bear, anti-OC Transpo, anti-green bin platform.
4. Why is this photo disturbing bad news for ALL Bells Corners residents?
- Notice the sick ash tree? ALL of the ash trees in Bells Corners are doomed, and if they’re not cut down by the City or the home owner they can come crashing down.
Luckily no one was walking or driving by when the huge ash between Bells Corners PS and the apartment building collapsed onto the sidewalk and the road. Is it the school board’s fault for aggressively over-trimming the branches hanging over the teachers’ parking lot? The firemen across the street were able to clean up before someone got hurt.
5. Will the councillor be schmoozing at this semi-private community event?
- Maybe, but he’s probably relaxing at the cottage girding his loins and counting his corporate donations in preparation for the upcoming battle. But if Rick doesn’t show he’ll no doubt send Betty Nukem, Jay or Bill to distribute cool taxpayer-funded campaign swag (RC pens and beach balls). Seniors aren’t big on getting their faces painted so Nancy probably won’t be there.
6. What does this photo have to do with the history of Bell’s Corners?
- The truck with the suggestive ad was parked right beside the oldest heritage building in Bells Corners (the church spa) dropping off frozen treats at the popular Bells Corners South Beach Creamery.
7. Who is the BIGGEST celebrity committed to showing up at the Sat. Oct. 27 ECO-Fair?
- Mayor Jim has already committed, Rick too of course, and Elizabeth May will probably be back for another spin in the bike-taxi. We’re still negotiating with Alanis, Tom Green, Paul Anka and Lady Gaga, but Alan will definitely be showing up with his furry friends and his strange organ, and don’t forget Bill Stewart from Terra 20.
8. What does this map represent?
- It’s someone’s attempt to map out neighbourhoods that supposedly have “legitimate” community associations (i.e. approved, created or infiltrated by the councillor and City bureaucrats).
9. Some love it, some hate it. Is the imminent opening of this business good or bad news for Bells Corners?
10. Who is this Guy and why does he hold the future of Bells Corners in his hands?
- If Guy or another CFRA/WECA candidate splits the anti-Rick vote the Vox Fox will cruise to victory again and Bells Corners will have to endure four more years of corruption.
11. Where can you get a good crêpe in Bells Corners?
- As far as I know Grazie! and Miki’s are the ONLY local restaurants serving fancy pancakes.
12. Where is this sign? If you read BellsCornersRocks! you already know.
- Busloads of Indian tourists often stop in the Westcliffe plaza (I’ve heard a rumour that Zola’s owns the whole thing) to visit the Allspice Indian Superstore and the Urban Tandoor.
13. Which Bells Corners strip malls/big boxes have the best and worst bike parking solutions?
- Maybe it’s unfair to name the Pizza Hut plaza as the worst – lots of strip malls have NO parking for bikes.
This bike-parking merry-go-round, currently under construction on the General Dynamics campus, will be the best once it’s finished.

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