income inequality in Bells Corners

Life is grand but…

…it’s tough to be poor in Bells Corners.

Gray = below the national median household income of $70K; orange = above

The super-rich live in rural Kanata, Cedarview/Old Orchard, Rockliffe, Manotick…

It won’t get any easier to be poor in Bells Corners when the thrift store closes thanks to a finger licking’ bad tax giveaway to the 1%.

Hypocritical politicians want your vote.

Visiting the heritage Bel-Air is like stepping back in time. It’s one of the very few places left in Ottawa where you can get your gas pumped and your oil checked by a friendly attendant, a service appreciated by many elderly and nostalgic customers.

The coin-operated car wash uses hot fresh water. Each bay has a holding tank to protect Stillwater Creek; used water is eventually discharged into the stormwater system.

How long will the Bel-Air survive? They face some obstacles: tax subsidies to their local competition, unfair competition from Airbnb in Bells Corners and gas price gouging by the big oil companies.

More skulduggery as Mother’s/Hemmingway’s/Cock and Bull/1951 West is demolished.

Lisa MacLeod is against fair wages: “Let the working poor use my buddy Erin’s religious food bank.”

Recognize this bike thief?

Caught in the act on Hadley Court Korn Private.

Recognize this TV thief?

Caught red-handed on Oberon.


Last 30 days of crime.

Prayer hall in the Sunni mosque.

Shias are welcome to pray here too.

Irish “newlyweds” at Local Heroes.

Live band plays to a packed house.

This guy wanted a funny photo for his Plenty Of Fish profile picture.

These guys got a free bike-taxi ride from Local Heroes to Arnold.

I smell a rat at Loblaws.

The only housing coop in Bells Corners.

Taking five seconds to do it better.

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