million-dollar homes for sale (cheap)

Is YOUR house worth a million dollars? Don’t laugh – if you can believe our councillor, DND moving to Nortel will have us all counting our windfall gains. This baby is yours for only $1,100,000.00!
Grubs don’t care how much your house is worth. Some gardening would improve curb appeal. Over a million bucks for this place seems ridiculous, but some say that real estate in Bells Corners is a smart buy – several homes in Lynwood Village have recently been flipped for a tidy profit, like this place on Longwood.

If a million bucks is out of your price range, how about 16 Harwick, asking price $389,000? It just has a carport but it’s been renovated quite nicely inside. You get a view of the Centennial Library across the street. Here are the prices of most Bells Corners homes currently on the market. A smart buy might be to snap up the two houses for sale on Stinson (a million bucks for the pair?) and then negotiate with Shell for Adrian’s garage (maybe $800,000?). Make a donation to the councillor and get the zoning changed to permit as many stories as you want. Make another donation to the councillor and get the taxpayer to cover the costs of cleaning up any contaminated soil. Throw up some condos with maybe retail on the lower level. Presto! You’ve made a killing.

If you like the idea of owning a monster home and the $1,1000,000 mansion doesn’t turn your crank, why don’t you buy the lot next door and build your own dream home?
The smartest buy of all might be a Lynwood Village split-level.

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8 Responses to million-dollar homes for sale (cheap)

  1. There is no way anyone is going to pay $1.1M for that house. I have been shopping the high-end real estate market in Ottawa for a while and I know what stuff sells for and that house will never sell for anything close to that.

    I have no interest in moving to suburbia but if you want a $1M+ house in the Bells Corners area your best bet is Orchard Estates. You can get a much nicer house for about the same amount and more importantly you are in a neighbourhood of other million dollar houses. Buying a million dollar house in a neighbourhood where it is the most expensive house is a huge mistake.

    – Bells Corners needs more affordable housing, something within reach of lower-income residents. If you’re making 12 bucks an hour even a $100,000 home is just a dream.

    No way would I want to live in Orchard Estates – too car-oriented, too pompous, too far. Half the residents there contribute to the councillor’s war chest.

    Bells Corners may not be downtown, but it’s not barren suburbia like where Jan and Alex live either – there’s a lot of life here. It’s just well hidden.

    • I’m not endorsing Orchard Estates. I went to look at a house there just to see, and the number of mini-vans made it quite clear it wasn’t the neighbourhood for us.

      I’m just saying if you want to spend $1.1M you’d be better off there or maybe Manotick, rather than just buying a house that is too expensive for the neighbourhood. There are actually a few examples around the city where someone has decided to build a huge fancy house in the middle of an established mature neighbourhood and they just can’t sell them.

      – I agree totally with your reasoning – I was just taking a gratuitous shot at Orchard Estates because I heard a rumour that Rick has a second home there next door to the Clampetts.

      It’s a great place to go for a bike ride, quite close to Bells Corners with little traffic and lots to gawk at.

      I hope I didn’t offend anyone who lives there by saying Lynwood Village is a much nicer place to live. Sens and senators probably live there and I’m sure they like it just fine.

      After you’ve travelled in the third world where almost everyone lives in hovels, it might seem a tad excessive.

      Here’s where one of Rick’s key financial backers lives- not too shabby. Affluent supporters can easily afford to throw a few thousand Rick’s way at election time. What do they expect in return?

  2. wanderer says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of homes for sale in Lynwood, many more than usual in the 30+ years that I’ve lived here.

    Maybe when the councillor said he wanted Bells Corners to be a place to drive to and not through, he didn’t have this in mind.

    The increase in the number of empty businesses all along the strip is sad to see, but I for one have no intention of leaving ‘my village’ any time soon. I just don’t want it to deteriorate any further, ’cause it’s looking mighty forlorn right now.

    The biggest gaps are east of Al’s Steak House, the empty Pizza Hut building and the empty car dealerships. It sure doesn’t look good for anyone driving through on the strip. It looks kind of empty and lonely.

    – Too bad people judge Bells Corners based on the shabby strip and the tatty BIA banners. They have no idea that spectacular neighbourhoods like Lynwood Village lie tucked in next to the Greenbelt.

    I used to think that the strip was butt ugly, but I’ve changed my mind and have even fallen in love with it. Sure, most people are just zooming by in SUVs or Jeeps on their way somewhere else, but get out of your car and get down to strip level, and you’ll find that there are a lot of interesting characters populating Lloyd Francis Boulevard – I meet them every day on my bike-taxi.

  3. Dave Mc says:

    There was a time I thought about selling my condo and buying a house in Lynwood Village. That wasn’t all that long ago, but now? Forget it. I simply can’t afford it.

    That’s what current prices are doing – making even housing “upgrades” to local residents unaffordable. I now have to consider moving out of Ottawa all together and finding something on some country road south or west… and a fixer-upper at that!

    Side note: one of the key drivers of high housing prices in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver is foreign investment. Apparently the Canadian government has no qualms about allowing anyone and everyone from whatever country buy up everything they want.

    Suddenly local residents can’t afford to buy a house and their property taxes are sky high thanks to outrageously high property values. In Ottawa I bet there is the same effect, although maybe not to the same extent.

  4. margaret says:

    and for us baby boomers and older … can’t even afford to DOWNSIZE !
    costs more for a condo than the present house is worth and who wants a new mortgage ….

    – There ARE some relatively affordable condos for sale in Bells Corners, so you could downsize and still have lots of cash left over. But would you be happy? Some condo communities in Bells Corners are nicer than others (Lynwood Manor is my favourite) but my guess is that you won’t be downsizing anytime soon.

    • Well if you want a shoebox downtown there are plenty of those for pretty cheap. I have no idea how people are supposed to live in something that small. The penthouses in these buildings are smaller than what a normal unit should be. The idea of intensification is fine but you need to have buildings that work for families and 600 sq/ft does not work for a family.

      There are also going to be issues with maintenance that some buyers don’t consider. Tall buildings cost more to maintain and normally that is amortized over a decent number of units. With the new buildings so tall and very narrow there are not enough units.

      So in 10-15 years the reserve funds for these buildings are not going to be adequate and the owners are going to get hit with a special levy.

  5. Wookie says:

    Bells Corners used to be a great place, with affordable housing for young and old.

    Now you can’t even afford a garage.

    Could the main factor be GREED?

    Like Mr. Wonderful says “it’s the money, honey!”

    Not everybody is rich – far from it!

    Soon BC will be like Cedar Hill Estates, only for the posh (or those who think they are), with only the rich able to afford a house.

    No more young families or people looking for an affordable house in a great location!

    Greed and MONEY speak louder than words!

    • People are free to ask whatever they want for a property but that doesn’t mean there is someone willing to buy at that price. I was looking to buy two years ago, not in Bells Corners but elsewhere in the city. The sellers had crazy ideas of what the properties were worth. Two years later everything I looked at is still up for sale. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of that is happening in Bells Corners.

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