lies, damn lies & polls

Healthy food at our state-of-the-art “green” Timmys, where there’s no more double-cupping and you have to request a sleeve
Pretty slow Wi-Fi at Timmys
Starbucks after the three-week long renovations – new floor, lower counters, new furniture, etc.
Faster Wi-Fi than chez Timmys
Our local library blows them both out of the water, as the above result from my laptop shows. The library’s wired computers get an astoundingly fast internet connection of 56.58 Mbps.
This is my speed at home.
It’s a bit faster if I plug into the modem instead of using Wi-Fi via the router. You can find out your internet connection speed here.
Silver or black poles? A tempest in a tea pot?
Polls can be fun and informative. They could also be reliable if proper safeguards were put in place. They say that “the only poll that counts is the one that takes place on election day” but shouldn’t citizens get a say on a more regular basis?
This poll was taken before the project started, but I bet the results would be even less expansion-friendly now. The new sidewalks are great, but most of the $3M cost went to foolish extra left-turning lanes on Moodie. For that much money we could have built sidewalks all the way to Westcliffe Road, with millions left over to build something that the community really needs.
Loblaws is still desperately hoping to get some revenue from the Zellers asphalt meadow.
This is their vision from pre-2008, the year the Burger King abdicated and Rick taught the Holiday Inn developer who’s boss.
I stole this photo from Lynwood Kids!!! – not feeling guilty, as their popular Facebook site features many photos lifted from this blog.
Bells Corners Rocks! is certainly creating quite a stir.
Is this going to work? Any local wannabe reporters want to cover it? Please send me your story ideas and photos.
I’ve heard that this place on Sycamore will list for around $650,000 when finished. I think it’ll go for closer to a million.
The Urban Commuter blogger (who ironically lives in a Nepean suburb near Bells Corners) makes a passionate plea: Let’s complete the Nepean Trail!
The Bel-Air used to have pool?
Fire trucks used to be yellow?
Bells Corners has had some memorable winters.
Remember the 1972 roof collapse at Centennial Arena?
Baseball in Lynwood Park once upon a time
Somebody wasn’t paying attention.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a bike park in Bells Corners to honour Super Mario?

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One Response to lies, damn lies & polls

  1. margaret says:

    with the lack of service I get from Bell – sympatico because I live on the top of the hill in westcliffe, think I might just move in to Timmy’s and use their WiFi for my internet use

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