Bells Corners Hoopla, part 4

Was the pizza contest fixed?
Is money and power more important than honesty and integrity?
I guess it depends upon how much money and power is at stake.
The “celebrity cow-milking contest” was fake too!
The BIG scandal is Lisa’s MacLeod “FREE” taxpayer-funded pancakes-and-sausages.
The pancakes were “free” but only if you obtained a ticket. Only way to get a ticket is to enter your personal data into the Conservative database.
Before I provide the details of the behind-the-scenes BIA/LVCA/WECA skulduggery, here are a few photos of the Bells Corners “Community-wide” Garage Sale Day:
This woman told me that all proceeds from her group’s sale would go directly to a “vulnerable woman” and, as they say in their literature: “We ALL know a vulnerable woman. When you think of her, what do you wish for her to experience?
If you wish the vulnerable woman that YOU know to have a nice experience, you’ll want to donate generously to the fundraising campaign.
I paid the full asking price of $5 for a pink dog leash. My mom’s chihuahua Eduardo is bi, so he won’t mind.
This guy also bought some stuff without bartering, since it’s such a good cause. He told me his Timmys t-shirt was only $10, with proceeds going to vulnerable kids, another noble fundraiser.
The cheerful people on Harwick were perhaps a bit disappointed that so few shoppers showed for their awesome sale. They went to a LOT of trouble setting up, but they were all alone on their quiet Lynwood Village street – the “community-wide” event didn’t penetrate too far into the LVCA’s territory.
TONS of cool bargains in Westcliffe though!
By 8 a.m. the pros have snapped up the best bargains, but there was still LOTS left throughout the day.
This place was super busy!
Tons of stuff.
The neighbours filled me in on why there were so many great deals available – bit of a sad story.
I gave about 40 people rides. Most of them were ordinary residents, but I did bag one HUGE celebrity, somebody MORE famous in Bells Corners than Tristan Maaack or Lisa Marie! Can you guess who it was? (answer tomorrow)
These guys were cool passengers!
This Russian soldier doll is a real collector’s item. Only $5 and he comes with a COMPLETE aresenal, enough to take Kiev single-handed!
He’s almost as ripped and virile as Putin himself!

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