house for sale – cheap?

Take a look at this youtube and take a guess – how much is this Lynwood Village home selling for? (answer tomorrow) $389,900 was the asking price

It’s a Bill Teron split-level built in the early 60s.

It hasn’t been flipped like this place on Longwood.

It’s not a million dollar home like this nearby residence on Sycamore.

Will local skyrocket once DND finally gets its act together and opens up a new military base down the road on Moodie?

Rumour has it that increased military spending will soon give a boost to Bells Corners’ biggest employer, General Dynamics.

The trickle-down effect might benefit local residents – for example, I’m bidding on the lucrative contract to shuttle employees between DND and General Dynamics on the bike-taxi.

Has the Harper government passed General Dynamics as Bells Corners’ biggest employer?

A lot of people work in the top-secret, recently evacuated government buildings on Fitzgerald, either for Rona’s Shared Services Canada or for the taxman at the Canada Revenue Agency.

I totally support our troops.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Canada’s enemies are all evil, but a lot of them are very nasty, and we have to defend ourselves.

Increased military spending may well help the bottom line for Bells Corners residents and businesses. Our troops need weapons and they deserve the best.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if we could beat some of our swords into ploughshares?

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One Response to house for sale – cheap?

  1. Ally says:

    Speaking of housing matters, how about that motorhome parked over at Gow’s? The sign in the driver’s side window says he was having electrical problems and would be back in a day.

    Funny, the ugly beast has been parked there for over weeks now!

    And funnier still, it spent at least 10 days in the Lynwood Plaza parking lot with the same sign in the window for the duration of Bluesfest in July.

    I thought Chiarelli was working on getting rid of the eyesores in the ‘hood? It’s time to tow that heap out of here RC – I’m tired of looking at it!

    – I just assumed that the owner has permission from Mr. Gow, who owns the property, to park there.

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