clean up after yourself!

I love dog-owners so I’m not crabbing about them – maybe once in a blue moon I’ll find a turd on my lawn but I’ve NEVER seen any evidence of someone not cleaning up after a pet in public space like parks and sidewalks (not that it doesn’t sometimes happen, of course).

I was thinking more about signs on the strip and in our neighbourhoods.

Basic postering/signing etiquette is “Clean up after yourself – if you put it up you take it down!” Postering utility poles is okay, but messages can only be temporary and have to be removed by whomever put them up, not just left to flap in the wind and create an eyesore.

Duct tape isn’t good, as it leaves an unsightly sticky mess when it’s removed. Packing tape is better.

You can’t post on bus shelters, especially with ordinary tape – somebody will have to scrape off the dried adhesive by hand, not a pleasant job.

No posting on trees!

Businesses posting commercial signs on the strip are supposed to pay a tax, but not everybody ponies up.

But let’s not discourage local business owners from being creative.

Thumbs up to Frank for creative marketing.

Not bad.

The “modern” temporary signs are not necessarily better than the “heritage” fluorescent ones.

Yuck! Please, everybody – a bit of civic pride please.

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4 Responses to clean up after yourself!

  1. Dave Mc. says:

    Personally I think all “temporary” signs should be banned. There is NOTHING aesthetically pleasing about them and it’s a quick way of making the neighbourhood look like retail hell.

    Just look at the tax sign shown above. Big and fluorescent and sitting right on top of a garden bed. But alas, more tax income for the city, right?

    As for the illegal signs that contravene city bylaws (yes, there are some) here’s a potential solution.

    Fight a nuisance with a nuisance!

  2. ottawaowl says:

    Missing dog found after two weeks
    Doug Hempstead, Sun

    It’s a good thing Joel Lagace’s daughter left her skipping rope in the car.

    Without it, Willow might still be at large.

    The distinctively-marked collie took off two weeks ago from the Wiggle Waggle Walk-A-Thon fundraiser at Bruce Pit in the city’s west-end.

    After an amazing, and no doubt terrifying adventure, Willow was returned to her family Saturday.

    Owner Ron Matyas admits he’d given up hope.

    “A lot of people … were saying she might have been hit by a car, been gotten by animals or been stolen,” he said.

    Matyas said Willow bolted and pulled out of her collar along Cedarview Dr. on Sept. 9. The six-month-old managed to cross the 416 and to stay alive on whatever she could find to eat in the NCC-owned Greenbelt.

    There are a few coyote-generated deer carcasses to be found.

    The last Matyas saw of her was the day she took off. While driving along the 416, slowly and calling her name, her head popped out of the brush.

    “She was obviously terrified,” he said. “We tried to grab her, but she bolted again.”

    A community effort was launched involving posters and Facebook campaigns. A group went out every day to hunt and follow up on reported “sightings.”

    One sighting, last week near the Nepean Sportsplex, drew nearly 30 people.

    “I couldn’t believe it,” said Matyas.

    The dog was finally spotted and caught by Lagace and buddy Ian Anderson near the 416 at West Hunt Club Rd. It wasn’t an easy capture, even though the dog was well worn down after it ordeal.

    “She bit one of them on the hand,” said Matyas.

    Willow is in good health, according to vets.

    The reunion was an emotional one for the family, who prepared a steak for their beloeved (sic) family pet.

  3. wookie says:

    It’s great that Willow was found after two weeks on the lam. Such a young beautiful dog.

    And smart too – there are a lot of predators in the Bell Forest just looking for such a tasty morsel.

    I suggest that you get her a collar that fits properly!

  4. wookie says:

    All these signs are up for a purpose, don’t you know.

    Everybody is complaining about people driving through BC without stopping!

    Now you want the signs down.

    Make up your minds people!

    Welcome to the end of free speech, engineered by a bunch of loonies!

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