Bells Corners on the boob tube, part 3

Bells Corners was last featured on the boob tube three years ago when Alex organized a sad “community” event to promote himself, the illegitimate WECA community association and his bosses Rick/Jim/Manny while at the same time lining the pockets of some of his well-connected bigwig friends at CTV and the BIA.
Our next chance to shine is coming soon – Rogers TV has invited me, Rick, Guy, Basil and Scott to slug it out in front of the cameras on Sept. 20.
Guy and his slack-jawed CFRA backers are VERY angry with Rick, so it should be fun watching Guy tearing off a strip off our sleazy career politician.
I certainly won’t be pulling MY punches – sometimes you HAVE to to use unparliamentary language (liar, bully, spendthrift, cheater, etc.) when the facts warrant it.
If I get a chance I’ll send a few barbs at Jim – what a hypocrite! But mostly I’ll be denouncing Team Rick corruption and plugging my election promises.
It’s a shame that so many Bells Corners businesses (the Giant Tiger Plaza, the strip mall owned by Zola’s, the Bio-test Pizza Hut Plaza, etc.) don’t provide ANY place to park a bike.
Should this cyclist have locked his bike to the strangest bench in Bells Corners, even if there really isn’t any other place?
Probably not – it’s rare, but sometimes people actually sit there!
The call centre has but one bike rack for the many hundreds of employees who labour there for about $12/hr – almost ALL of them either drive or take OC Transpo to work.
The phone workers have a most unpleasant walk to Timmy’s along Rick’s sidewalk to nowhere.
Sometimes they hitch a ride on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.
I was sorely tempted to buy this statue for my campaign – only $60 at one of the many consignment stores along the Bells Corners strip.
But the BEST consignment stores near Bells Corners are to be found just east of Britannia Park where the Ottawa River Pathway crosses Britannia Road (across the street from
Got a grand to blow on an awesome handcrafted Titanic model?
Recognize this Bells Corners high school?
It’s Collège catholique Franco-Ouest – it has the HIGHEST standardized test scores for Bells Corners high schools and the LOWEST number of students who walk or bike to school.
The Franco-Ouest gym is sometimes open to the local community.
Votes and opinions please:

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4 Responses to Bells Corners on the boob tube, part 3

  1. ottawaowl says:

    Will the debate be available online to voters? Only if you’re a Rogers customer.

    I understand the logic – RogersTV is financed by its customers so why should someone else get the content for free?

    But surely a political debate during an electoral campaign should be an exception in the interests of strengthening democracy? Only voters who can afford cable get to be informed?

    Many residents feel ripped-off by the big cable providers, so maybe making the debates public would be good for Rogers’ image and gain some good will?

    People don’t have to pay to vote, why should they have to pay to be informed?

    Front-running developer-financed incumbents like Rick Chiarelli avoid debates like the plague – the Rogers debate will probably be the ONLY chance for voters to see Rick in action at an unscripted event. And most voters won’t be allowed to see it unless they pay Rogers? Doesn’t seem right to me.

  2. Guy Annable says:

    Well done Craig, your spew on CFRA was excellent keep up the great work on getting people to vote for me, i guess you need those “slackjawed CFRA listeners” you so much hate and talk about on your non sensical blog, you were the only one to get the buzzer mby rick, great platform….LOVE it, keep up the great work on my behalf

  3. Guy, I think that was at least four sentences, not one; just saying.

  4. Guy Annable says:

    WOW craig, you were right, the anti Rick Sentiment is not only enough to go around but the 5 hours i spent in your hood today was the most inspiring night i have been out….. the PEEPS are pissed, I can see why rick does not like door knocking especcial yin BC, i think he should get fitted for a FLAK jacket, i can see why he is staying in copeland park…… WOW…… change is coming to College ward, how was your day on the hustings ??? see you saturday….

    – Ha! Ha! See you Saturday, Guy. You’re trailing badly in the polls but if you can convince Jack MacLaren or Bayshore Shirley to cut you a fat cheque to buy some more Republican-style lawn signs (or maybe even some CFRA ads?) you *might* finish second in our sad first-past-the-post “fair election.”
    Guy, straight up, are you FOR or AGAINST Ranked Choice Voting Please don’t consult Lowell or Jack or Shirley before answering – give me your honest gut answer. Where does Guy Annable the man (not Guy Annable the Conservative operative) stand on electoral reform and fairer, friendlier elections? Is there not a better way?

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