Rick’s buddies take a hit

History repeats itself – Rick’s buddy Allan Hubley is once again one of the biggest spenders on council. Like Rick, he poses as a “fiscally-conservative” politician while at the same time racking up huge self-serving “personal” expenses to promote his brand.
Rick’s other professional politician buddies are also being raked over the coals by the media for alleged hypocrisy, especially Mark Taylor.
Doug Thompson and Bobby Monette should also hang their heads in shame.
Rick’s 2012 office and personal expenses will raise many eyebrows. In spite of all of Jim’s hoopla about supposedly “enhanced accountability” Rick’s final totals are missing! What the heck does “&nb” mean?
His December expenses, which include a ton of self-serving promotion for himself, his family and his “free” Rockin’ Rick’s New Year’s Eve Booze-free Bash, are not available for public scrutiny on the ottawa.ca website.
But it’s reasonable to assume that the gravy train to finance Rick’s permanent campaign schmoozing cost taxpayers at least $200K in 2012.
Free lunches are anything but. Here are some of Rick’s Nov. 2012 expenses:

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3 Responses to Rick’s buddies take a hit

  1. margaret says:

    they have to spend some money on hospitality or the community complains

    there’s been $43 spent on BC … WOW!!
    but unfortunately not supporting BC businesses when discussing BC issues

    Hospitality: Lunch meeting at Ikea with R. Chiarelli and A. Lewis to discuss demolition in Bells Corners – Sep. 19, 2012 $15
    Hospitality: meeting at Summerhays Grill with R. Chiarelli, H. Nelson, C. Brun and C. McSweeny to discuss Bells Corners initiative – Oct. 11, 2012 $28

    what else is being demolished in BC ?

    oh well … we’re only a small percentage of the vote … right !

    like the Mark Taylor pic … invisible camera 🙂

  2. Luke Chadwick says:

    Have you checked out ricktv?

    – Yes, and I give it two thumbs down unless it’s supposed to be a satirical/lame imitation of SCTV or Max Headroom.
    Rick’s previous attempt at self-broadcasting was short-lived.
    His “direct-to-you” weekly broadcasts on his taxpayer-funded self-promotional website were killed after two episodes and became yet another unfulfilled politician’s promise.

  3. Luke Chadwick says:

    So far, he hasn’t had any comments…

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