Halloween crime

I saw some scary sights last year on Halloween – the highlight was the fabulous adults-only costume party at Local Heroes (they’re not having one this year).
A neighbour spending his first Halloween in Bells Corners asked me if there were a lot of kids last year.
I told him not to expect huge crowds – Halloween definitely seems to be losing some steam as a popular tradition compared to when I was a kid (even though overall spending on Halloween has doubled in the past 8 years).
Maybe it’s because of our demographics – Bells Corners, especially Lynwood Village, has a LOT of seniors, which means fewer kids.
I got a chuckle out of the skeleton stuck in the grass.
Easy for the trick-or-treaters to find their way to the candy!
Hope I don’t run into that crazed clown who was recently spotted near the beer store plaza.
Running into the BatRick would be even scarier!
Rick’s dressing up as the Duffster this year.
The draft 2014 budget calls for spending $600,000 on installing more audible pedestrian signals at intersections to help people who have visual impairments. We have lots of these little speakers in Bells Corners, but none of them seem to work.
We’ll also be getting more of the controversial countdown signals at $10,000 a pop. Some say they reduce car-pedestrian accidents, while others say they increase the number of collisions.
The police car was parked in the crosswalk, so there must have been some sort of crime committed in Staples today.
Here are some more crimes committed in Bells Corners since my last post on local crime.
Most Canadians choose Duffy over Harper. 40% think Duffy’s telling the truth while only 18% believe Harper.

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3 Responses to Halloween crime

  1. ottawaowl says:

    Healthy Halloween hullabaloo – moms set off bitter/sweet media frenzy.

    Is the media to blame? Here’s what one of the moms says:

    “So I had this idea of a healthier Halloween & thought, why not post it on
    BP? Never had I imagined that simple small post would turn into a media
    frenzy & huge debate. No, I am not trying to change Halloween or take the
    fun out for kids. I was just curious to know if anyone felt the same way.
    Then, CBC calls us, yes, they called US saying they wanted to share our
    great idea! But then they made us look like idiots on the news. Gotta love the

    After that every media outlet that exists emailed me to talk about
    this. I refused because of all the negativity that this caused but the National
    Post made it easy for me by asking questions through email. I answered very
    thoughtfully with notes that candy is ok too! But again, the article was
    not that positive. The title stated that an Ottawa mom is “campaigning” for
    healthier treats. Ya, like I have time for that! Again, they contacted me!

    Here’s a tidbit about the media, they will not let you watch or read the
    story before it gets posted. Today I was supposed to go on CTV but have
    declined it due to the way the stories get twisted. They may not do the
    same but seriously, I’m not trying to save the world here – it was just a
    simple idea.

    Anyway, today is Halloween – time to be happy & positive for the kids I
    have erased the negativity from my brain & moved on.

    The funny thing is, I can’t even hand out treats today cause I have my 4
    month old daughter to attend to while my hubby goes trick or treating with
    my son. I’m so sad that I won’t be able to join them this year.. (well,
    maybe only for half hour). Good thing is, it’s supposed to be 13 degrees
    tonight so another a warm Halloween night! Enjoy.”

  2. S says:

    We moved to BC in 2007 and we decorated our lawn and dressed up when we gave out candy. We had maybe 15 kids come over. The year after there were maybe 8 kids. We gave up. Since then we don’t even decorate. Not sure if it’s a Westcliffe thing, but there are barely any kids trick or treating these years in our part of BC.

  3. margaret says:

    Britannia Mum … good for you … there is far too much junk candy out there … and with the cost of it now, maybe it’s even cheaper to hand out fruit and stuff instead….

    as for numbers in westcliffe
    3 years ago we had well over a hundred – maybe 120 kids
    last year 45 – 50
    35 this year – maybe it was the rain ??
    the first T&T was 6.45 and they usually start at 6pm
    we were giving out doubles!!
    at least we didn’t have ANY older kids which was good
    but also it meant we never had anyone from Bell High for the food bank … pity if they’ve stopped that

    now here’s a cheer for All Hallows and All Saints and All Souls over the next few days … if we’re allowed to do that

    ps Craig … can you try and not mix your topics in a post

    – Thanks for the input – it’s hard to know what people like or dislike about this blog, so I usually just end up making my best guess (and, of course, just posting about whatever interests me).

    I like to mix topics in a post so that, hopefully, there’s something for everyone.

    I get hundreds of views a day, and the only thing that you readers really have in common is an interest in Bells Corners. Obviously, I have my own bias perceptions and interests, but I like to think that the readership of this blog is pretty diverse, from teens to old folk, from paupers to princes, from pinkos to rednecks.

    My main mandate is to entertain while providing local unfiltered, uncensored Bells Corners news, but most of the time there’s nothing earth-shattering and I have to sort of improvise.

    An entire post about the outdoor rinks, for example, might fascinate some people, but others not at all – they’d drop by the blog and find NOTHING of interest. If they have that experience too many times they won’t ever be back – there are SO MANY places to waste time on the internet!

    So I try to have “balanced” posts – if the topic is, say, local schools, readers without any interest in the subject will still maybe scroll through to the end and find SOMETHING that makes it worth their while.

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