juicy story or sour grapes?

Drum roll please.

We’re about to reveal which developers, contractors, consultants and lawyers showered Councillor Chiarelli with cash.

Some call them bribes but technically they’re not – it’s all quite legal.

Jim Watson had a chance to clean it up when he was with the McGuinty government, but he dropped the ball.

Rick Chiarelli also voted against any serious electoral reform last year.

Not surprising – career politicians like RC, Jim Watson and Rockcliffe Councillor Peter D. Clark (who sent me an email yesterday telling me how much he liked our blog) benefit the most from the current system. Why would career politicians want to change anything?

I was wondering in a previous post if Minto would be on the list, since Rick told me he was thinking of turning down their money (as payback for pissing him off in Manotick).

He took their cash! RC and Roger Greenberg are buddies again, I guess, thanks to Rick’s strong support for the shady Landsdowne deal and expanding the urban boundary.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal which deep-pocketed individuals gave RC around $8000. They can well afford it, as many of them boast very exclusive addresses in Rockcliffe and Cedar Hill (developers tend to be wealthy), and up to 75% of their donations are kicked back to them by the taxpayer.

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One Response to juicy story or sour grapes?

  1. wanderer says:

    I still think that charitable donations should have a 75% tax deduction and political donations a 25% deduction. Then we would see where your heart really lies.

    – How about NO tax deductions for political contributions? Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to spend HUGE sums of money to get into power.

    Why should you and I pay for their horrendously-expensive ridiculous signs and attack ads?

    How many trees died for the tons of election propaganda that will soon be deposited in our mailboxes?

    What a waste!

    It’s a crappy system – wish I could vote for None of The Above!

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