Where’s Rick?

A Chiarelli employee delivered her boss’s last-minute statement: “The councillor has decided to skip the all-candidates debate.

That Rick! Yet another lame excuse to avoid facing the music.

The crowd was NOT amused.

Judging by the applause-o-meter Emilie Coyle won the debate with Ryan hands down.

Emilie is 100% transparent.

This poor guy picked the wrong horse again! Latest polls show Emilie and Rick neck-and-neck with Ryan trailing in the dust. Maybe a 40%-40%-20% vote split?

Concerned community members from across the entire ward muttered at the councillor’s absence at the standing-room-only town hall event at the United Church.

Apparently the councillor was once again too busy to debate: this time he was chowing down at a gala (on the taxpayer’s dime, of course).

Emilie took the high road but Ryan got off some good zingers at the councillor’s expense.

“Emilie impresses the heck out of me,” said Social Credit politician Harry Splett.

Even without Rick it was still a fun evening with LOTS of politicians on hand: Harry, Ryan, Marjorie, Emilie, Ron and Joan.

Maritimer Clive Doucet came to chat with Bells Corners voters. Harry called him “that French guy” but I told him to watch the CBC elevator pitches where he belts out a fisherman’s ditty.

Rob Campbell and C.J. Blake want to be your OCDSB trustee. Vote here.

Community associations from across the ward (except the fake ones in Bells Corners) had pointed questions for the absent councillor.
The presidents from Copeland Park, Centrepointe and City View outlined neighbourhood and ward issues.

A CBC journalist asked Harry if he wanted some popcorn.

“Where’s that lazy Rick? Small business people feel betrayed. He lost my vote.”

Where is the big lunk?

Who will end the secrecy at Ottawa city hall?

“I know who I’m voting for.

“We’re for Emilie.”

“Time for an honest councillor with clean hands.”

“Right on!”

Rick doesn’t play by the rules.

Nice job on traffic-calming, Rick!

Rick: “Ben Franklin, Ben Franklin, Ben Franklin…”

Hiring your daughter to produce a lame campaign video with taxpayer funds? Shame!

Texting while driving? Tsk, tsk.

“Stop the BS, Rick!”

Rob Campbell is the best choice. Don’t know who else to vote for? Let me simplify it for you:

Bells Corners is NOT well served by transit.

Direct tornado hit on the Merivale station: no wonder we lost power!

A close shave for Bells Corners, a disastrous miracle for Arlington Woods.

Quite the crane!

Rebuilding Arlington Woods.

Smaller crane on Hadley Circle.

Signs on private property without permission get taken down and then trashed.

This was repaved just last year.

Wonder what went wrong.

The fake bricks are crumbling already!

Christ Church ready for pot in Bells Corners. If you’re Catholic

 …you can vote for Armstrong…

…or Darwin…

…or one of these guys.

Poor people vote less often.

Old people vote more often.

A ticky problem for Bell Corners.

Climate change sucks.

Tough choice. Vote here.

Ruffians on the roof of East Side Mario’s.

Raising funds for underprivileged kids.

Donated skateboards.

Free bike-taxi fans.

Ladies at the Legion.

A thorny sidewalk.

CBC elevator pitches.

Anyone want to cycle to light rail? 
Time for a change.

Students vote.

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