Is Rick red or blue?

Our Bells Corners councillor is famous for two things: being Ottawa’s longest-serving career politician and for “encouraging” his interns/staff to get a RICKchiarelli tattoo (below) to prove their allegiance to our ethically-challenged Rob-Fordish scoundrel.
First elected as a Catholic student warrior while still in diapers, Rick Chiarelli has been at the public trough ever since – he’s NEVER held a “real job!”
Chances are our ethically-challenged glad-hander will extend his streak in the Oct. 27 election.
Rick invented the concept of permanent-campaigning and is ably supported by “Team Chiarelli:” RC employees, his family/Family, his BIA executive director, his community association minions, the developers and contractors who provide the brown envelopes, and the l-o-n-g list of residents/fellow travellers who benefit directly from Rick’s taxpayer-funded largesse.
Rick’s turning on the jets as the election approaches. Hope you get your share of the free hotdogs, doughnuts, trinkets, freezies and generous gifts – any swag distributed BEFORE the councillor nominates himself isn’t counted as an election expense.
Watch for more RC taxpayer-funded propaganda to show up in your mailbox in the near future: glossy expensive self-congratulatory magazines with TONS of photos showing Rick doing such a SUPER job.
You may even get a chance to meet Betty Nukem, Veronica, Jordan or Nancy!
The Dear Leader himself might soon show up on your doorstep!
Some just get trinkets and swag from Rick’s annual $250K “office budget” but the Big Boys who finance the councillor get A LOT more.
But is Rick red or blue? The CFRA gang argue that Rick is just another corrupt Liberal career politician – angry disappointed Hudak true believers are mounting a ferocious attack. Rick’s lame attempt to escape responsibility for the green bin scandal was the last straw. Watch out, Rick – these angry semi-literate nasty people are out to Cooke your goose – the financing is already in place.
I’d argue that, while Rick is above all pro-Rick, he’s more blue than red – our corrupt councillor is VERY TIGHT with big-appendaged Conservative politicians like Rusty Baird, Lisa MacLeod, Bill Quinn (and other WECA honchos like Roland Hall, Catherine Gardner, Ally Sanderson and Terry Kilrea), Pierre Poivrière and even little Stevie Harper.
A guy named Guy is thinking of running against Rick if he can get the green light from Bayshore Shirley.
Would YOU vote for this Guy?

Look at this photo and and you’ll understand WHY the Conservatives lost.
Unfortunately, negative campaigning works in our current electoral system, which is why all the huge-ego career politicians use it. If I deploy (reluctantly) a Randall-Denleyish sharp tongue on my blog it’s to give Rick and his cronies a taste of their own medicine and defend myself against their bullying. In real life I’m way less nasty.
Wish we had Ranked Choice Voting – try this hilarious beta election simulator to see how a simple change would all but eliminate nasty posts like this one.

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1 Response to Is Rick red or blue?

  1. Anonymous says:

    got my flyer for free hotdogs … hope that one above is last years or the date’s wrong …. same artwork and same grammatical error … surprised you didn’t pick it up last year

    – Yes the flyer I used was from last year. I don’t have one from this year because Nancy and Betty skip my house when they’re serving up the free franks in Lynwood Park. Betty actually dropped a flyer in my box and then came back and fished it out again after Nancy pointed to my address on Rick’s enemies list!

    Team Chiarelli works from the electoral list when they distribute Rick’s propaganda so that households identified as Rick-unfriendly aren’t informed. I’ve already discussed this and other RC campaign abuses with the City’s integrity commissioner and he’s invited me to make a formal complaint – something else for the Vox Fox to worry about.

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