rural, suburban or urban?

Bells Corners is all of the above, a pleasantly unique amalgam.
We’re a bit urban like Westboro, a tad suburban like Barrhaven, slightly exurban like Cedarview/Orchard Estates.
Surrounded by the Greenbelt, we can’t forget our rural roots – Dusty’s fertile fields, only a stone’s throw away, have yielded another bumper harvest, with no added fertilizers or pesticides. Urban agriculture is taking off!
We have a 10-acre crop maze within walking distance.
The farm at 200 Moodie Drive has a garden and apiaries, with vegetables, honey and eggs (chicken and duck) for sale. The pumpkin patch opens soon.
The maze adventure game is open Fridays 5-9, Saturdays 10-10, Sundays 12-4. There are hay and pony rides, with lots of animals to see and pet. 613-828-2987
They’re hiring at the massive Westcliffe call centre – obtaining the contracts for Walmart and Loblaws means another 100 jobs for Bells Corners.
No experience necessary – you’ll get 2 or 3 weeks paid training and then you’re ready to take incoming calls for $11.90 an hour ($13.90 if you’re bilingual).
This is the inside of the old grocery store in Bells Corners’ oldest plaza – another 200 call centre jobs are planned for this space.
Hey! What’s this giant truck doing parked on the boulevard?
nasty deep hole, a danger for cyclists leaving Bells Corners
Need cash? Drop in to this place in the beer store plaza.
Britannia’s recent grassroots street party had no sponsors, no budget – just a lot of neighbourly cooperation.
tips on how to throw a great street party

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2 Responses to rural, suburban or urban?

  1. ottawaowl says:

    “Several of our egg customers have asked for a garden spot. We have opened several acres to the public. Garden plots are tilled and ready to plant. Mulch, natural/organic fertilizer and a tool shed are available.”

    Many sizes from a 20×10 plot for $25 to a 20×40 plot for $50. Larger sizes are also availble.

  2. TonyL1 says:

    Regardless of who we are in Bells Corners, somebody decided that in front of the Zellers would be a perfect staging ground for 14 confiscated eyesore donation bins, all lined up in a row….. some of them came from the east end… (as seen on the notices dated Sept 14th that are placed on every one of them)

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