fun’s coming

This charming couple was spotted outside the popular Café Arome.
The gent was being honoured at a local Kiwanis Club event, so his date was getting dolled up at the Spahara.
These ladies enjoyed their ride down the strip on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi: “more fun than walking, cheaper than a pedicab in the Market, and less poop than a calèche!”
DQ drive-thru customers also went for a spin.
Phew! The heritage Esso is NOT following in the footsteps of our abandoned Shell – once the new pumps are installed you’ll once again be able to put a tiger in your tank.
Shell is apparently interested in buying a house or two on Stinson, and then cleaning up and making something out of this dirty eyesore, but don’t hold your breathe. The special tax breaks for businesses go to Jim’s friends Mark Taylor and Bob Monette, so it’ll probably sit there in all its ugliness for decades.
A big chunk of land in the heart of Bells Corners is up for sale.
Will it be more defense industry office space? Million-dollar homes? Affordable housing?
Will it sit empty for decades, a hulking reminder of our Steenbakker lumbering origins?
This was a busy place back in BC’s heydey.
The patriarch of Coco Paving Inc. keeps an eye on his employees.
Hope the copper thieves don’t read this blog.
The right turn lane for cars heading north on Moodie is closed again – keep your head on a swivel!
More call centre jobs thanks to TCC?
Need more fun?
Come see the clowns at a Fun Day – there’s one in Lynwood Park this Saturday, with a bike parade kicking it off at 10 a.m.
Lynwood Map

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One Response to fun’s coming

  1. wanderer says:

    Still Lynwood Park? Or “Sycamore Park”, so which is it? We back onto Lynwood Park, and that is what is what is pointed out in all the advertising about the ‘greenspaces in the area.’

    The activity on Saturday involved a lot of laughter, which was a good sign. I think the kids came from all over the Lynwood area, and surrounding areas too.

    It was great to hear the laughter and joy of the wee ones.

    – The signs at Bells Corners intersections said “Sycamore Park,” but the official name is still Lynwood Park.
    Most of the advertising was done via kids at local schools and through Coffee & Company/LVCA Facebook friends.

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