new jobs in Bells Corners

Yay! Almost 200 new jobs.
In what year was this aerial photo taken? (answer at end)
The biggest boarded-up space in the Beer Store plaza has been leased, the first time it’s been rented out since last year, when an evil clown assaulted little kids at a birthday party.
Here’s a look at the inside – it’s HUGE! Finally renting it out will be a nice chunk of cash for the owners of the plaza (the Francis family?) – not that they’re hurting.
Quite a few businesses have failed in this plaza recently, and others are probably struggling, so the survivors are delighted at the prospect of more cars in the gigantic asphalt meadow parking lot.
Working at a call centre probably isn’t everyone’s idea of a great job, but many people will be happy to get work. A minimum of $12 an hour plus medical and dental benefits isn’t too shabby, I guess.
Bells Corners’ other call centre, pictured above (west of the Canadian Tire – formerly Beaver Lumber) is also thriving, with around 600 workers, making it one of Bells Corners’ largest employers (after General Dynamics and the Harper government). They handle calls for Walmart, Petro-Canada, PC Financial, Canada Student Loans, TD Waterhouse, IDefence (against identity theft) and D+H.
The new call centre already has a spot on Moodie, but business is so good they’re moving into the space formerly occupied by BTI Systems, Research in Motion, Goodwill, the old IGA, and a murderous clown.
More good news:
Entrance Pool is open with the same great leader as last year, so it should be a fun summer.
Workers are on the job at the Centennial Library preserving our heritage building – seems that the carpenter ants were becoming a nuisance.
The aerial photo near the top of the blog was taken in 1965. Here are two more quiz questions (answers tomorrow):
When was this aerial photo taken? (1971, 1976, or 1981?)

Anonymous writes: “The last photo is from 1971 because Lynwood Manor was not built until 1976. The aerial photo clearly shows an empty field where Lynwood Manor should be.”

– Maybe Lynwood Manor was built LATE in 1976?
This is a screenshot from the City of Ottawa site that Tony discovered.
Where and when did this terrible crash between a train and a tractor-trailer take place?
The tip of the arrow is where the level crossing was in 1957 (shortly before Lynwood Village was built).

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4 Responses to new jobs in Bells Corners

  1. ds says:

    What a ridiculous place for a sign! Are they trying to attract residents from the Lynwood retirement home? Complete waste of taxpayers’ money. If you are on that road you are certainly aware of the pool!

    My wife is pissed. She hates that type of sign. Does anyone know – who do we call to voice our opinion on the placement of this type of commercial sign in a residential neighbourhood?

  2. jen says:

    These signs are everywhere, a sure sign of style and grace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Signs like this should be approved via By-law Services with the city … but BC businesses are notorious for not complying with these by-laws …. but I assume that the city would go by the book for its own signs

    The aerial maps are interesting showing the growth … I’d say the second one could be either 71 or 76 but chances are it’s 1971 as the Seyton extension to Richmond was only ‘planned’ that year

    – You’re warm.

    I LIKE this sign – it’s so bad it’s good, and the upside-down letter Ms are quirky.

    The Entrance Pool needs MORE swimmers – physical activity, community socializing and making use of our public facilities are GOOD for people.

    The City could have sprung for an upscale Cheetah sign (they’re only a few dollars more per month once you’ve paid the “set-up” fee) but budgets are tight – building tunnels and bridges ain’t cheap!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure the 9th photo down is a call center? Why do they all have black hair and why are they all wearing red vests? These are either Walmart employees or Hong Kong stock exchange brokers.

    – It’s a Vancouver call centre on a support-the-troops Friday.

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