politicians self-congratulating

Fresh from his bizarre Westcliffe Piping in the Photo ops event, Rick smugly congratulates himself and his fellow politicians for spending our tax dollars on the Charlotte Whitton Lloyd Francis Rick Chiarelli Archives in this Flash Video Production masterpiece.

How much did these promotional videos cost the taxpayer? Not too much I hope – the quality is so low that I’m wondering if Alex Lewis or someone in Rick’s family (maybe Natalia, who made his campaign movie) got the contract. The crowd shots are instructive – there were so many politicians present, eager to take credit, that their political strategists outnumbered the archives people (Rick’s hitman Jay is front and centre).

Jan Harder wasn’t quite as boring as Rick when it was her chance to self-congratulate, but couldn’t the cameraman have focussed only on her? Watching Rick twitch and pick his nose in the background is distracting.

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