CTV Ottawa questionnaire

Candidates were asked to to visit the CTV studio in the ByWard Market to film a 30-second video.

The written questionnaire had two questions: the top priority for the 2018 municipal election and the “hidden gem” in the candidate’s  local ward.

My top priority?
I’m hoping to convince voters to elect a council that will work for the ENTIRE community, not just for professional politicians and their wealthy donors.

We need honest SQUEAKY-CLEAN representatives who are not beholden to the developers and other insiders.

We need to bring in the smart people instead of concentrating power in the hands of greedy developer-financed career politicians.

We need more transparency at City Hall.

MORE democracy and LESS Jim Watson.

MORE respect for the taxpayer and NO backroom deals.

Listen to Ecology Ottawa, Bike Ottawa, Waste Watch Ottawa for starters.

We need a ward council system composed of transparent, legitimate community associations.

We need ranked-choice voting for fairer and friendlier elections

Many incumbents (including the mayor) flaunt the rules about using taxpayer funds and taxpayer-funded employees to campaign.

They should STOP using their million-dollar “office budgets” as gigantic slush funds to indulge themselves, reward their friends, promote their lucrative political careers and show their disdain for the taxpayer.

Municipal politicians should STOP taking money from the 1%.

I call on Mayor Watson (and other developer-funded incumbents) to reveal the sources of their campaign donations over $100 BEFORE the election. This is important information that the voter needs before deciding who deserves a vote.

We need to elect independent councillors to clean up the corruption and waste at City Hall at the highest levels and make the wisest decisions for the common good.

Council should limit car-dependent developer-friendly suburban sprawl and spend less on building new infrastructure to serve it.

We want a compassionate, exciting and green city with a strong sustainable economy, not higher profits for the developers and insiders.

A hidden gem in College ward?

Bells Corners. It sometimes gets a bad rap. But if the cut-through commuters from the suburbs were to slow down a bit and venture off the sad commercial strip they’d see what an amazing community it is: easy access to the AWESOME Greenbelt trails, affordable housing (unless you’re low-income), TONS of minimum-wage jobs if retail is your thing, lucrative contracts in the “defence” industry or at the Fitzgerald federal government complex, and much more!

Sure, we have lousy OC Transpo service, speeding traffic, a serious crime problem, more than our share of corrupt politicians, fake “community associations” and crumbling infrastructure.

But we also have the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi!

With Emilie Coyle and Ryan Kennery running strong campaigns against Rick the future is looking bright for Bells Corners.

Craig MacAulay