storm flattens Bells Corners

Nine days without power in Lynwood Village. Incredible destruction, more damage than the 2018 tornado.

Nine days of both heaven and hell.

Firefighters from Wawa staying at the Holiday Inn.

Dr. Barry Wellar calls for accountability and freedom of information:

Lisa MacLeod snubbed by Doug Ford for shameful behaviour. Doug strikes back with illegal spying.

Sneaky Lisa and disgraced hubby Joe Varner pocket public funds.

Double trouble in Bells Corners for Lisa MacLeod and Joe Varner.

Vote here.

Grateful Afghan refugees continue to arrive in Bells Corners.

Why did so many trees fall? Terrible timing.

College ward power outages ten days later.

Trailer park blues.

Should we widen the Queensway?

Lowering food prices at Todd’s FreshCo?

Thank you Daddy for the parking lot party!

Stinson family home on Virgil. The Stinson family farm used to cover a big chunk of Bells Corners before it was sold for tract housing development.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

Biking on the Bells Corners strip after the derecho.

Biking on Corkstown Road by the white light gray monstrosity.

Biking on Holly Acres by the LRT boondoggle.

Mr. Acres rolling in his grave? Chartwell Stillwater looms over the historic Anglican Union Cemetery.

Abandoned bike beside the fire station on Old Richmond Road.

Church volunteers cleared the way for speeding traffic.

Historic Nepean Fire Station where politicians like to gather and self-promote.

Lisa MacLeod and Doug Ford shamed for funelling public funds to their friends in the for-profit long-term care industry.

Email for a free ride.

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1 Response to storm flattens Bells Corners

  1. Could be the launch of movements of some kind, such as giving the boot to Chiarelli and MacLeod.

    Probably too late to get rid of MacLeod but if we don’t give up there should be some sort of justice done on Oct. 24, 2022.

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