Rick hits the campaign trail

Disgraced councillor back on the taxpayer payroll and girding his loins for re-election.

WARNING: you could find this testimony offensive and upsetting.

Both Team Jim Watson and Team Larry O’Brien will field candidates to run against Rick.

Developer-funded candidates will split the anti-progressive vote: a Horizon Ottawa candidate could win!

Fill out this form and have fun! Gentle satirical protesting can be both fun and effective.

Emilie Coyle came close to defeating Rick, and that was BEFORE his terrible troubles.

A tough battle for votes: calling on @PoliticalHeads and Chairman George to fight the good fight.

Should Rick Chiarelli attend the tree-lighting event?

Sparse turnout for Rick and Joe’s 2021 tree-lighting campaign rally.

Previous tree-lighting Conservative rallies: 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015

2022: MacLeod is up for re-election in June, Rick in October.

Team Chiarelli confident of victory. Cousin Bob is running for mayor.

Tristan’s #TeamRyan vote-splitting and Chiarelli cheating cost Emilie Coyle the election.

Lisa and Joe‘s photo op in Jim’s parking lot$100K (tax dollars) to promote Conservative politicians.

$upporting the troops, of course! The top brass, not so much.

Early morning premium, free uniforms, discounted junk food? No thanks, he’s hungry for higher wages.

New secretive LVCA board: social media bully Tristan Maack OUT, big business and the military IN.

Scam! The few decide for the many. Transparency and freedom of information sadly lacking.

Big win for a REAL community association (Crystal Beach-Lakeview CA) and an effective councillor (Theresa Kavanagh):

Afghan refugees courageously forging new lives and looking for affordable housing.

 Indigenous tourism business at the former Lone Star Ranch on Hunt Club.

Irene at Bellwood: no car, no problem.

Days Inn losing business to the posh tax-subsidized Hyatt.

Franco-Ouest students on the Tybalt-Tarquin pathway.

New food truck (Crave Tacos) at Kichesippi.

Avid cyclist where Spahara used to be.

Tight fit for the new fridge at Balista (vegetarian Indian fast food).

Hydro substation, Old Richmond/Longwood.

Building the Bells Corners wall, part 2.

Public playgroups dislodge private for-profit day-care operators at Westcliffe “community” building.

Aging tree canopy in Lynwood Village not being replaced.

Another red maple bites the dust. Not cheap if your doomed tree’s not accessible.

HUGE trees close to the road are removed by the City.

Sometimes idling is okay but this is NOT a good place to park for 15 minutes with your exhaust directed at pedestrians!

Cymbeline tree.

Happy Pandemic Christmas, part 2!

Salty entrance to the Bells Corners library.

Bells Corners Wise and Wonderful.


Open! Live music at Conspiracy Theory Brewing on the Westcliffe strip.

Patio temporarily closed.

Leaving Bells Corners on the Trans Canada Trail.

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1 Response to Rick hits the campaign trail

  1. BARRY WELLAR says:

    I saw a video of the tree lighting event sponsored by the Bells Corners BIA, and I am disgusted by the BIA for giving Rick Chiarelli this kind of platform based on the Ottawa Integrity Commissioner’s ruling: “I conclude that [Chiarelli’s] conduct is a shocking and astounding failure to treat the complainants with the respect they were due and required of him by the code of conduct,” wrote Robert Marleau about Chiarelli’s behaviour. “These are incomprehensible incidents of harassment.” Hello BIA! Chiarelli was found to have committed multiple incidents of harassment, and you give him a platform as though nothing happened. What an insult to the victims, and anyone with an ounce of decency. Questions will be asked if I learn that tax dollars went into that repulsive spectacle.

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