dirty deeds done dirt-cheap

Bells Corners Brew Table bonfire: not a good sign that our democracy is healthy!

Trudeau-haters slash and burn in Bells Corners.

Sign wars at the most dangerous intersection in Bells Corners.

Tight race in Nepean riding.

Are you voting strategically? Vote here or here.

Sadly, it’s a first-past-the-post red-blue fight in Nepean riding.

If Matt or Chandra wins by a single vote how will orange/green/Mad Max supporters feel?

Vanishing hopes for an easy Liberal win? We’ll soon know.

Rick does it again! Or does he? Do you believe him?

Many Syrian refugees live in Bells Corners. Many Canadian soldiers died in Afghanada.

Starting new lives in Bells Corners.

Live music on the strip.

Amazing volunteer at Harmer House (affordable housing for the lucky few).

Part of the solution to the housing crisis in Bells Corners?

Another awesome gardener on Old Richmond Road.

RIP Ice King Harry, another true local hero.

Affordable housing in Bells Corners?

Mural-painting at SuzyQ.

Lynwood Village perennials.

Tree canopy disappearing on Ridgefield – new owner wants to cut down these white spruces.

But the City of Ottawa might not agree.

Unless there’s a good reason to cut them the trees will stay!

Back to school blues.

Good luck grads!

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