taken for a ride

Honk for hope and hearts as the Bells Corners pandemic eases its grip.

Awesome party at the Bells Corners retirement home across from the pool.

A descendant of Ben Franklin and Charles Lindbergh tends to the community garden at Robertson House by Spring Living.

Shifty “media personality”/real estate agent Kurt Stoodely tried to buy votes with a $200 community association data-harvesting contest.

With access to Rick’s database, Jim’s machine and corporate cash Kurt has a good shot at joining Carol Anne Meehan on the gravy train as the new College ward councillor!

Can’t Bells Corners do better?

Electric cars fill ‘er up in the giant Bells Corners Canadian Tire parking lot.

Bells Corners basement to rent, $1750/mo.

Kids on lower Seyton. Guess who had his bike stolen.

Westcliffe Park.

Crystal Beach-Lakeview 1958.

Crystal Beach-Lakeview 1965.

Anglican church.

Catholic church.

Conspiracy theories welcome here.

Kichesippi is strategically located in an old car dealership (VWs, not Porsches).

On the Trans Canada Trail = lots of bikes!

Reserved bike-taxi parking at the Days Inn.

Raising a glass on the Brew Table patio before it moves to the Hyatt Place.

Huge potential to make Bells Corners a green tourism hotspot!

Retro/local look at the taxpayer-subsidized posh hotel.

The owners of the Bells Corners Hyatt franchise are local and seem green-friendly.

They partnered with Ecology Ottawa to give out free trees!

The hotel has a $1.2M geothermic heating system!

Bees on the roof to make honey!

Dog-friendly! Rooms start at around $120 a night.

Firefighter mans the hose for Mary Stinson’s garden.

Lynwood Village is built on the the Stinson family farm. Mary’s old home on Virgil is being redeveloped into two luxury homes.

This 82-year-old Bellwood woman is carless and loving it!

Will Starfries be open on Canada Day?

Pent-up shopping demand spawns long lines.

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  1. BARRY WELLAR says:

    Great read, many thanks.

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