fear and loathing in Bells Corners, part 2

Coronavirus scare unnerves Bells Corners residents.

Respect Rx: harm reduction but not enough treatment for addicts.

Fundraiser party for Australia at Kichesippi.

Two great bands: Rekij and Social Butterfly.

Many celebrities were in attendance.

Night life in Bells Corners, just like in the good old days.

Visitors from Down Under.

Winning bidder for the Global Pet Foods basket.

Impeccable Westcliffe outdoor rinks.

Crashed Ice craziness.

The City of Ottawa requires rink operators who want the taxpayer subsidy for supervision to provide accurate attendance figures to the Seasonal Recreation Department. Allan is meticulously honest and accurate, others just make up the data.

The Westcliffe Estates Community Association has morphed into the Westcliffe Community Association.

Rick tried (and failed) to rebrand the Lynwood Village Community Association into the Lynwood Community Association.

Rick Chiarelli apologists (Big Bill Quinn, Terrilyn, Catherine, etc.) have been purged from the fake community association? Amy and JP Pelchat are now in charge?

Your tax dollars are being spent. Community associations should be transparent and accountable. Will the LVCA become more transparent too thanks to Grant?

Current rink conditions.

Nasty work.
American from Colorado skates for the first time in 40 years! He has dual citizenship and has decided to settle down in Bells Corners. NOT a Trump fan!

Patrick Kane’s dad.

Bells Corners to DND: 4.6 km by bike.

Twice as long to take the mostly unpaved NCC pathway. Safer and more fun.

Road-widening in the Greenbelt to serve sprawl and developers.

Always lots of boarded-up stores in Bells Corners. Rents are too high. Spahara and Bells Corners Barbershop will be some of the next businesses to leave. Thanks, Joe.

Alex was way better than Joe as BIA boss.
The Burger King abdicated a long time ago. Are Rick and Jim next?
Missing at Franco-Ouest.

Best school board?

Housing emergency in Bells Corners.

Lynhar garage sale.

Huge crowd of citizens hear the police apologize.

Britannia bummer.

Bayshore outdoor rink tragedy as legendary rink operator Bernie Gold goes down.

New groomed FREE cross country ski trails!

Groomed Wesley Clover trails sometimes free.

When will the politicians get serious about curbside waste?

Cheap yoga in Bells Corners.

Former Bells Corners politician bows out.

Good riddance!

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1 Response to fear and loathing in Bells Corners, part 2

  1. Marylin Seveny says:

    Not everyone in Bells Corners is living in fear of the coronavirus. Most of us are NOT.

    I’m more frightened of the speed of traffic through our community. It’s SO BAD.

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