spark ‘er up gun trial

Playing politics with Christmas in Bells Corners.

Trump cheerleader Joe Varner was in an especially foul mood at the Conservative tree-lighting rally. Did he break a leg helping his wife Lisa kick a beggar?

All that BIA cash for bread and circuses and The People don’t seem grateful enough.
Varner accused a Bells Corners Facebook bully of harassment and made angry threats to “fix my wagon” if I wrote anything negative about him or his nasty wife.

Hypocritical politicians rule Bells Corners. Rick supports the pushers.

Poor Rick!

Pot stores coming to Bells Corners, cheered on by social media crackheads, opportunistic politicians and big businesses looking to cash in.

A Calgary pot company has secured four storefronts in Ottawa, one of them in Bells Corners.

City-commissioned EKOS poll: Half of Ottawa residents (48 per cent) would support allowing retail stores to sell cannabis. Nearly as many (43 per cent) are opposed.
A 19-year-old local resident is facing a list of charges, including aggravated assault, after allegedly stabbing a 20-year-old man on Ellery Cres. and robbing a resident on Stinson Ave. at knifepoint. Police found the suspect with the help of canines.

A shady deal closed the old Salvation Army thrift store on Moodie but this employee is getting part-time hours at the new donation centre in the beer store plaza.

Bells Corners’ first strip mall, circa 1961.
The Mission will set up their own bible-thumping thrift store in the historic Lloyd Francis Boulevard plaza.

Previous tenants include a threat management call centre and a crazy murderous clown.
Many Bells Corners motorists recommend Dave Stoddard’s and Adrian’s.

Bell HS teacher:  “Just castrate me.”

Mother of Bells Corners shooting victim wants justice.

She worries that her deceased daughter’s boyfriend will get off easy at the gun trial.

Bells Corners Greenbelt under fire. Ford: It’s “open for business.”

Wonder if there will be a ranked ballot-friendly candidate in the upcoming by-election?

Looking for minimum wage workers. Sucker-punched at the Bells Corners McDonald’s.

Bad news for Bells Corners’ biggest employer?

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2 Responses to spark ‘er up gun trial

  1. Jayme says:

    Bells Corners would not be impacted that much if Trudeau cancels the deal to sell the Lavs to Saudi Arabia. Maybe a handful of job losses? London, Ontario is looking at 7,500-12,000 out of work. That would cripple the city.

  2. Tristan says:

    That’s nice of Joe to help fix your wagon…

    – I was surprised at how aggressive and nasty he was. Not quite as odious as you, but close.

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