free burgers in the park (gladly pay you Tuesday)

Free burgers at the Nepean Fun Day extravaganza in Williams Park in Bells Corners.

Maybe the most free fun in Bells Corners since the Lynwood Park Fun Day in 2012?

Free beef, veggie and halal burgers served by friendly community volunteers!

Free bike-taxi rides, free swag.

Free cool treats. And MUCH more!

Click here for more photos of Nepean Fun Day bike-taxi passengers having free fun.

And now a word from our sponsors.

Campaigning politicians checked out the competition: Chandra, Rick, Emilie, Ardeth, etc.

We need more women at City Hall. Vote Ardeth for mayor!

Ardeth is perhaps more style than substance but we need the human touch at Council.

Ardeth understands the importance of berrypicking for votes in Bells Corners.

She NEVER eats junk food and shops organic at Bells Corners farms.

She believes in healthy active transportation.

As a former retail worker Ardeth knows the challenges of surviving on $15/h.

Ardeth learned what The People REALLY think by chatting with customers at the Bel-Air.

She’s NOT tied to ANY political party or special interest group.

The amazing Dylan Black was spotted at the Brew Table.

My favourite radio guy (next to Stu Mills at the CBC).

Call centre workers happy to knock off for the day.

The pay’s not great but they say it’s a solid place to work.

Cars are 100% banned on Lynwood Manor streets.

Great place to raise a family! Affordable and friendly.

Perfection location close to everything.

Right in the heart of Bells Corners.

NCC trails for cyclists, hikers, XC skiers, joggers, seniors, hipsters

Biking the wonderful Greenbelt trails with the amazing Cat.

Entrance Pool is open!

Another fire in Bellwood! But quite minor in comparison to this and THIS!!!!

As usual the brave firefighters were up to the challenge.

What’s said in the barber shop stays in the barber shop. Barber-client privilege.

Come for the deep senior’s discount, stay for the banter. Appointments 613-820-5297.

Jay’s is like a hip Bells Corners version of Floyd’s in Mayberry.
Ride/drive/walk safely!

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