police takedown, race for power heats up

Emilie Coyle: Mom. Lawyer. Engaged community member.

Another candidate to split the anti-Rick vote! Ryan Kennery and Jim Watson’s attempt to defeat Rick Chiarelli just got a little more difficult.

Watson needs to get actively involved in the College ward race if he wants to derail the Chiarelli runaway train.

No more standardized tests for grades 3 and 9? More school closings like D.A. Moodie? How to teach math and sex ed? Student needs not met, budget woes, tough decisions.

Lots of thorny issues for school trustees. Many are not running again.

Anita Olsen Harper won the three-way race in 2014 for Bells Corners trustee, defeating Rick’s Chiarelli’s co-campaigner Jeremy Wittet. She won’t be running again.

Former two-time OCDSB trustee Rob Campbell is already on the ballot.

New opponent for Lisa MacLeod in Nepean riding – Zaff Ansari!

Police swooped down on two intoxicated youths drinking in public near the often-robbed Scotiabank.

One of them tried to flee but was arrested near Bells Corners PS after a short chase.

The police returned to the bank and arrested a second shoeless youth. They were cuffed and their backpacks thoroughly searched. Police were very polite and professional.

This woman is enjoying her stay at a Bells Corners Airbnb.

This family got a free bike-taxi ride from the karate school to the Forester community.

Lynwood Lodge residents in Lynwood Park.

At the Bruce Pit.

Sadie lived in a Lynwood Village Teron home. James was an aeronautical engineer.

Not enough murals in Bells Corners.

Professional Quebec scuba-diving golf-ball hunters staying at the heritage Bel-Air motel.

Tim’s to FreshCo in style.

Shopping cart corral carried away by the wind.

Art for Dragonfly Park?

A l-o-n-g way from the Mongolian Village!

Wind damage in the Bellwood mobile home community.

Tree down by the Holiday Inn.

One more barrier on the Bellwood active transportation route.

Kanata ball players on the Williams Park diamond.

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2 Responses to police takedown, race for power heats up

  1. Mark Kraft says:

    No comments about a big restaurant/bar like Local Heroes closing?

    – Too bad after all those renovations, like painting the red Pizza Hut roof black. And I wonder what will become of that amazing photo at the entrance? Maybe it can be moved to High Fives. What are your thoughts?

  2. Mark Kraft says:

    My guess is that it gets moved to the Clyde Ave. location.

    One the the one hand, I’m surprised at the closing. On the other, it never seemed overly busy, even on game nights. I just hate seeing “established” businesses closing/leaving Bells Corners.

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