political bike-rodeo panhandling

Politicians and Third Partie$ are spending tons of tax dollars to get your vote.

Bell HS trip to New York cancelled over fears of Trump border woes for targeted students.

They’re going to Quebec City instead.

A prominent local resident takes time out from the campaign trail to recycle.

I’m voting Ardeth for mayor!

This cheerful guy wanted a free bike-taxi ride to Kingston after his ride share didn’t show.

Will these Bells Corners call centre workers vote Lisa Trump?

Rick or Ryan? Easy choice for this guy.

Three Bruce Pit smiles.

These Lisa MacLeod fans were canvassing at the bike rodeo.

MacLeod opponent James O’Grady discussed issues at the community bike event.

The ward councillor gave out taxpayer-funded Keith Egli-branded swag.

Will the anti-Egli vote be split by a candidate with a cause?

Will someone from the Watson Like-minded Party challenge Egli?

Firefighters were on the scene at the bike rodeo.

Police too.

Music provided by the family radio station. Bells Corners 8-no-TRUMP.

Relaxed pose.
Free bike safety checks. Lots of kids on the awesome bike course.

More photos of bike-rodeo bike-taxi passengers.

Horrific car crashes occur daily on the Bells Corners complete street highway-to-sprawl.

This cyclist got right-hooked by a speeding motorist.

Huge dent in the side of her car but the driver was uninjured. No ticket issued.

So many panhandlers in Bells Corners! This guy has an original gimmick.
Lisa MacLeod/Rick Chiarelli/Donald Ford political attack dog slings mud at Jim.

Rick sneers that Ryan Kennery is being thrown under the bus by Jim Watson.

Lisa is playing politics with crime and distributing creepy “face lollipops” to minors.

The identity of Lisa’s NDP opponent will be revealed shortly. Two young Barrhaven males are in the running.

They have their work cut out for them!

Amazing Liquid Gym walker-bicycle.
At the awesome United Church.

Tying the knot and cops on bikes!

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