Bells Corners veteran falls

Kill or be killed.

Donald, lest we forget: the Battle of Kapyong on display at the Bells Corners Legion.

Camerons and vets enter by the front door.

Cadets marching towards the back entrance.

A thoughtful vet.

PizzaPizza delivery guy drops off a $500 order.

Perhaps tired after parading at Centrepointe, an elderly vet collapses. Paramedics respond.

Rob’s dad enlisted two days after Dieppe. He saw some sick shit in the next few years.

These liberated Dutch ladies also experienced war up front and close.

The band played on.

No politicians showed up to pose for a photo op. Baird came when he was Minister of Defence.

Ottawa battles Colorado in Sweden at the Bells Corners Legion.

FreshCo got to brand the event. Nice job, Todd!

FAMSAC volunteer goes for a spin on the bike-taxi.

Free alpaca in the Westcliffe plaza!

Third ride in seven years for this Forester resident.

Syrian refugees are welcome at the Bells Corners mosque.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Sending a message to Trump at the Bells Corners McDo. Will BC suffer if NAFTA negotiations fail?

Road work in Bellwood.

Dief the Chief, Mike Pearson and other celebrities at the Carp Fair.

Politicians and ordinary folk.

How many famous people can you recognize?

Can you spot Eli El-Chantiry?

Sue didn’t miss him.

Jim sputters: “I think Rick likes to be mischievous and have fun, but this is a serious document and he should take the time to read it properly as opposed to making some flippant comment that you would expect someone of his seniority to know better”.

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