sidewalk blues

The car is king on the Bells Corners strip.

The Healthy Transportation Coalition wants better pedestrian, cycling and public transportation infrastructure.

They’re doing a safety audit on Sat. Sept. 23 – email Trevor for more info.

Dangerous for pedestrians on the Bells Corners West strip.

Slowing down speeding commuter traffic would help jaywalkers.

Fake sidewalk on the south side of Robertson.

Wear your helmet on the fake Westcliffe sidewalk.

Some of the worst parts of the path have been patched with asphalt but you can’t get to the FreshCo plaza without going through Myers.

Time to get up close and personal with speeding traffic.

Should Myers park their cars somewhere else for the greater good?

Looking the other way towards Kanata.

The sidewalk to nowhere.

Bellwood, also known as the trailer park.

Many residents are low-income and elderly but they can walk to Loblaws.

Imagine you’re a Bellwood resident without a car who wants to shop at Loblaws. Would you take the red route or the green route?
If you have a wheelchair, a bike, a stroller or a grocery cart the green route is difficult because of the curbs. Curb cuts would be a cheap solution.

Curb #1.

Curb #2.

Curb #3.

Here’s another area where a curb cut is needed.

An easy fix on a heavily travelled path.

Same spot looking the other way.

Already done here.
BAD dangerous path to Lower Westcliffe.

Too narrow for bike-taxis.


Waiting for the sidewalk plow.

Heated sidewalks would be nice.

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One Response to sidewalk blues

  1. Bellwood resident says:

    You’re right about the south side of Robertson being dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. I almost got killed the other day when a car brushed my shoulder in front of Living Lighting. Ironic place to die!

    So true about the curb cuts from Bellwood to Loblaws!

    The Holiday Inn could fix this for a few bucks. If they’re too cheap to do some curb cuts they could at least paint a few yellow lines so cars and trucks don’t block the Bellwood pathway. But who cares about low-income people who don’t have cars?

    This stupid truck has been sitting there for two days blocking the path to Loblaws used by seniors on scooters, wheelchairs, cyclists and other Bellwood residents.

    No rear license plate.

    Ugh! Why make it so hard for pedestrians? Why encourage people to use their cars instead of active healthy transportation?

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