Bells Corners Westboro Pride

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi went to the Westboro street party and the Pride parade.

Another thousand bike-taxi passengers.

Big crowds on Bank Street.

Nice hats on Richmond Road.

Large wingspan on Kent Street.

Lots of pink smiles.

Alex Lewis and the police chief wore NDP-orange golf shirts.

This cop said his feelings had been hurt by the uniform controversy.

Black-shirted Patrick Brown brought up the rear. No sign of Lisa, Goldie or Jay Tysick.

Undercover Jay Tysick supporter?

$15 minimum wage fairness.

Back on Track at the Westboro Fuse.

Blue Bells Corners bears.

Justin Trudeau dropped by Bells Corners on his way to the march.

The Liberal phalanx.

Our Bells Corners-Nepean MP got most of the Bells Corners vote.

The Minister for Global Warming, Mélanie Joly and China Doll.

Alex Cullen and Jack with the NDP contingent.

No Nepean NDP candidate yet to run against Lisa MacLeod in the provincial election.

Ready for battle.

Under the masks.

Good place to rest up tired feet.

Full load waiting for the parade to start.

Spare a quarter?

The Giant Tiger train before the mascot got busted.

This guy had a glove on his head.

He was also carrying a whip.

What’s up Doc?

First time I’ve given a bird a ride.

Here comes Candy!

2017 Grand Marshall.


This chef was giving out free samples.

Fuse fun.

Bicycle Bob.

Pride fun.

Patty and Selma.

Plastic Paper water bottles.

Twins + a sister.

Sparks Street mall.

Family on the way to Kontinuum.

The free show was great but the bike-taxi ride was even more fun.

Just married?

Honeymoon phase?

Wisecracking House of TARG Pinball/Perogies barker drew in customers with his sound system.

This guy wanted a ride but was worried his wings might blow off.

Waiting for the parade to start.

BMO big bank bear.

Car-free Westboro.

Everyone rides free on the bike-taxi, from kings to paupers.

Next stop the bouncy castle zip line.

Bells Corners food truck.
“Can’t wait to see Justin!”





These tuckered out ladies got a free ride back to their car.

I must have heard “Happy Pride!” a million times.

Where it all started.


Home, James!

Rugby engineer.

Sassy skirt.

Colourful couple.

Proud Canadians.

Au revoir. À l’année prochaine.

See you next year!

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