Facebook is the devil

I transported these friendly bike-taxi passengers from Shopper’s to the Towns of Jack Pine by the legion.

Free rides in Hillside Park.

Refuelling at the Esso.

New curbs in the Freshco plaza.

All the interlock will be ripped up and replaced with stamped concrete.

Too bad about Britalia closing down so suddenly after such a short run, like the Delicious Steak House and Fitz’s before it.

Someone else is going to try his luck. After extensive renovations are completed there will be a splashy grand opening. To protect my source I can’t tell you who it is but you’ll be surprised!

Dunkirk in Bells Corners – more video game than movie? At least it’s not as jingoistic and corny as classic Hollywood war films.

I can’t believe that Rick’s favourite reporter wrote such a long article about Lisa MacLeod’s embarrassing leaked email without mentioning that she had been caught lying by journalist David Reevely (or her cheering for Donald Trump).

Another leak from a conservative insider!

Pierre Poilievre may NOT run for mayor next year – he has his heart set on being the next PM Pierre (Justin’s dad was the first).

Like most Conservatives, Poilievre concedes the next election to Justin. After the party dumps Andrew Scheer in 2020 Pierre will make his move. But he’ll probably lose to Rona Ambrose.

Facebook has found religion and wants even more power over you.

Facebook can be a force for positive change but social media also destroys lives.

Facebook is the devil. And now it will easier for Facebook admin bullies to flourish.

That’s what I object to most in Tristan and Erin’s group – members of Jen and Jean-Luc’s inner clique can write whatever hateful and false thing they want. They must think (incorrectly) that in a closed private Facebook group libel laws don’t apply.

People who say something that admins Tristan and Erin don’t agree with are routinely censored, kicked out of the group and often bullied by the social media mob.

That’s a lot of power for corrupt unelected politicians who purport to run a democratic site that represents the entire community.

Rick makes the same (false) claim to legitimacy but at least he doesn’t get to decide who votes and who is kicked out of the community. And he’s too smart to slander or libel someone and get caught.

Is this guy a bully for posting a link?

One could argue that Jim is being sort of smug or is guilty of oversimplifying but it’s certainly unfair to label him a bully and hate him.

Science doesn’t “know” anything with absolute certainty. It can just make its best guess using available data and the scientific method (double-blind, controlling variables, reproducible, etc.). Science has no faith-based unshakeable tenets like religion that can’t be tested or modified if new knowledge emerges.

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  1. BARRY WELLAR says:

    Very active fellow, well done!!

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