berrypicking for votes

Next year’s fight for mayor: Pierre Poilievre vs. Jim Watson. No kidding.

Mexican farm workers picking Bells Corners berries.

Kathleen gets her hands Liberal-red as she campaigns for next year’s election.

Is it shoplifting when you eat as many as you put in the basket?

Lisa red-faced as her embarrassing private correspondence predicting a Conservative defeat is leaked.

At first, MacLeod said she didn’t know anything about the email. Later in the day, she acknowledged it was genuine.

Her Trump-loving Conservative Bells Corners BIA hubby is NOT amused.

Partying in Lynwood Park by the tennis courts.

Spinning for free prizes at the Brew Table BOOM patio party.

Dylan Black goes for a spin on the free bike-taxi.


Happy Dinardo’s customers.

New playground at the Eileen Tallman coop.

Jolly passengers at the McDo.

Harley-Davidson fans at the Best Western.

Watch for falling ice.

Taking the free shuttle to upper Westcliffe.

Cheap Donald Trump berries.

Paying a premium for organic.

Strawberries for dessert at Stillwater Creek.


Hunting for buried treasure in Hillside Park.

There are about 40 split-levels in Lynwood Village.

Current Bells Corners home prices.

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