stabbed for a phone

Grandmother and granddaughter at the Bells Corners Esso.

This Wharhol Private resident hitched a free bike-taxi ride from the FreshCo plaza.

Named after a musician, NOT Andy Warhol.

Sushi lovers at Lee Ga in the happy-endings Paradise plaza.

Cheerful couple at the Bells Corners McDo.

Hunted by the police for a violent robbery and laughing at his many victims on Facebook.

The victim was with several friends at the Bells Corners McDo when he was stabbed twice in his abdomen and leg by someone who wanted his cellphone.

The old Pizza Hut red roof was painted black when Local Heroes moved in.

It’s already peeling so it’s being redone.

Hammill Court behind the Westcliffe soccer field – one-bedroom apartments from $877/mo.

The last day open for the Entrance Pool is Aug. 20.

Free community BBQ at the Lynwood Park Revera residence.

Live music from the Hot Spud Dixieland Jazz Band.

Two of the band members are Bells Corners residents.

The jolly crowd sang along and danced to their music.

These millennials hitched a ride to the Beer Store plaza.

Fortinet is moving out next year.

They don’t use Facebook. Millenials prefer Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

The Westcliffe Park crashed-ice course

In the off-season.

Email me for a free ride.

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One Response to stabbed for a phone

  1. Johnny Jones says:

    Good to see Hody is caught. That little delinquent has been causing trouble in Bells Corners for about a decade.

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