Rick’s latest scandal

Spanish-speaking soccer players in Lynwood Park.

The French-speaking yellow players were the home team – the Lynwood Centennials.

The Peruvian team won 2-1.

The league usually plays on regulation-size fields, so the small Lynwood pitch is not ideal.

They wanted a red card for this violent tackle but the ref ruled yellow would suffice.

Both teams had lots of cheering fans.

¡Que viva el Perú!

Seen this guy?

He has quite the reputation in Bells Corners. Remember this and this?

Seen this guy? He’s back in the news in the latest City Hall scandal.

Cutthroat career politicians Chiarelli, Watson, Hubley and El-Chantiry playing politics at the taxpayer’s expense.

Free bike-taxi ride to the Canadian Tire Gas Bar.

95-year-old Stillwater Creek resident.

Replacing the rusted-out columns and changing the signs in the FreshCo plaza.

The work will take a couple of months. The taxpayer and the consumer foot the bill.

Crime scene at the Centennial Library?

No, just this guy’s attempt to save the community garden from the weed whackers.

Repairing the gas line on Evergreen.

Renovations on Forester.

Cat goes for a ride on Tybalt.

Lisa MacLeod already campaigning for the 2018 election with taxpayer funds.

Her Green party opponent got a rough ride on social media for criticizing “homophobic” career politician Hubley, the “dinosaur-of-the-20th-century” mayor, the police chief and Alex Lewis.

Trailer park screwup – this unit was towed in from Belleville by Parkbridge Inc.

An old mobile home was destroyed to make room for it.

Where the new mobile home was supposed to go.

Towing it to its spot.

Whoopsie. It won’t fit! It’ll have to be towed back to Belleville!

Private train station in Bells Corners?

Kid train.

More fun than a van.

Active green transportation.

The Bells Corners bike-taxi can only transport a few passengers at a time.

The Party Bike can haul a dozen people.

Passengers pedal but only one person steers and brakes.

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2 Responses to Rick’s latest scandal

  1. Luke Chadwick says:

    I recognize that ref in the soccer game. I’ve played a few times in Old Timers games and he has been the ref and he is probably one of the worst. He lets all sorts of bad tackles occur without any cards which tends to have the game escalate quickly and he just seems totally disengaged.

    Are you sure the Lynwood team were French-speaking? Most of them tend to speak English albeit with lots of accents thrown in there.

    – I didn’t see the tackle but the Peruvian team was very incensed that there wasn’t a red card. The poor guy was in a lot of pain.

    After the game some Lynwood players were griping about the ref too. In his defence he was all alone with no linesmen to help, so his job isn’t easy – he has a lot of ground to cover, even on the small Lynwood pitch.

    I noticed that most of the Lynwood players were speaking French, but not all of them. Maybe just the most vocal ones.

    Here are the stats:

  2. declan says:

    Corrupt politicians like Rick Chiarelli get to hire and fire the auditor who oversees spending at City Hall. No wonder Rick gets away with so much abuse of the taxpayer to enrich himself and his friends.

    The people an auditor has to call out for corruption or collusion should not be the same people who hire and fire the auditor.

    From the Ottawa Citizen: “The auditor general is one of the most important positions in government. These people bring accountability to an often thick, bureaucratic jungle. A proper auditor checks that the processes and financial dealings inside the billion-dollar city government are done in the right way.

    The unsuccessful candidate claims that to decide who would get this important job, there was a meeting of the mayor, the two deputy mayors and two senior councillors.

    According to him, the two leading candidates in front of the politicians were not chosen by an independent committee. They were selected by the then-incumbent city manager. The two selected candidates were not external lawyers or forensic accountants with experience in other institutions: rather, they were city bureaucrats who had worked inside the system for decades.

    Every single person in this process had worked inside the city of Ottawa. More importantly, the people deciding who would be the next auditor were exactly the same people to whom the person appointed to be a watchdog over the city administration would report.

    If this version is correct, then it is a conflict of interest: The people who an auditor might have to call out for corruption or collusion should not be the same people who hire and fire the auditor.” Declan Hill

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