cake in the rain

These women waited over an hour for their bus.

It arrived minutes before a huge storm blew in and soaked Bells Corners with driving rain.

Watering the pots just before the torrential downpour.

Fresh asphalt facilitates speeding on the strip.

Waiting for a light rail connection to Kanata.

Pssst, wanna buy a school?

Moodie is closed. Bungling school board bureaucrats will sell it to the highest bidder.

Moodie students will be housed in crappy portables at Bell H.S.

Portables are cramped and the air quality is suspect.

Renovations for Moodie students have wiped out part of this guy’s natural garden.

The rabbits and butterflies are not amused.

What’s the most popular item in the Scottish and Irish store? Fresh haggis?

Answer: English cheese and onion crisps – only one British pound a bag.

Free rides at the Dairy Queen.

Pothole filling machines from Montreal are being tested in Lynwood Village.

Photo op at the drive-thru drugstore.

Gear Head gearing up?

Some are skeptical that it will ever open.

Wooden wheelchairs and walking sticks at
Located in the Westcliffe strip mall.

Electric scooters are selling like hot cakes.

Cops on bikes – a cheaper way to police.

Ottawa police order their Stevens S8 bikes from a German company for about $1700 each and auction them off after two years.

Montreal police may be ordering the Bells Corners police bike.

Joe and Lisa can’t be happy – Justin has decided we won’t be sending troops back to Afghanada after all.

But he often breaks his promises.

Community association politicos have a cozy relationship with corrupt politicians.

“Temporary” sign in the FreshCo plaza.

Coke/Canada patriotism.

New taxpayer-subsidized signs.

Free rides in the Starbucks plaza.

Every Loblaws store in Canada was supposed to design and paint a Canada 150 picnic bench.
The old Out-of-the-Box store in the Lloyd Francis Beer Store plaza.

New asphalt planned for the Vanier speedway in Bellwood.

View of Hadley Court from Stillwater Creek.

Turkish delight in Bells Corners.

Donald Trump in Bells Corners.

Someone left a cake out in the rain at the Metro.

But it took so long to bake it!

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