out of the box

The mobile home community when Stillwater Creek still ran free through Bells Corners.

After the great coverup.

Wet Sunday shopping at FreshCo.

Cutting through the plaza to avoid the bumpy chaos on the strip.

Nice to see the sun in Lynwood Village after so much rain.

Still celebrating Bells Corners Canada Day on Forester.

They LOVE it in Bells Corners – so much to be thankful for!

New store in the Beer Store plaza.

They moved from the Westcliffe plaza.

Politicians of all stripes: Green candidate, Liberal councillor, Conservative career politician and former NDP candidate.

I’m NOT voting for her next year.

New grass at Tim Hortons.

Is that a discarded coffee cup?

No, it’s a mystery object.

The fireplace at the Best Western.

Vegetarian sushi at Lapointe’s.

Crystal Beach residents hope their concerns will be heard for the Moodie light rail station and train yard.

Can this professional politician convince the mayor to kick in the extra millions to move the noise out of their backyard?

Citizen readers fire back after Jan Harder was rude to Jeff Leiper for questioning the cozy relationship between developers and the politicians they bankroll.

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One Response to out of the box

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the ride today ! My girls and I love your taxi. (I think the discarded coffee cup is a toppled riser for sprinkler system?)

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