Canada Day free food

Celebrating with a neighbourhood street party.

Free Canada Day fun for everyone!

Ridgefield revellers and a patriotic dog.

Pedalling to Parliament – faster than OC Transpo.

Westcliffe residents heading to the Hill via free bike-taxi (every day) and free public transit (only on Canada Day).

Canada Day marketing at the Bells Corners Loblaws.

Free food for Eat Together Day.

Eating our way to world peace with President’s Choice.

Loblaws manager at the free buffet.

Celebrating at the Bells Corners legion.

CBC and Justin on the flatscreen.

Live music and line dancing.

Military helicopter landing at General Dynamics. “Defence” minister visit?

Tank and troops backup for the top brass.

Trump supporters Lisa MacLeod and her Bells Corners BIA War Machine hubby were special guests.

Maybe Lisa’s Green opponent James O’Grady has some traction?

No news on the Westcliffe stabbing except for nasty speculation and shaming from neighbours on social media.

Canada Day at Lynwood Park retirement home.
Studio suites from $2200/month, 1-bedroom from $4100.

The sandstone for the Parliament buildings came from Bells Corners.

1916. The quarry was abandoned in 1962.


Abandoned stones just off the trail. It was a gruelling task moving them along the Whiskey Road to Parliament Hill.

The quarry by the NCC path from Bells Corners to Corkstown Road and Wesley Clover.

Horner’s Corners.

Third year for this grassroots community event.

You need a permit from the city to close off a street.

Fun to celebrate locally and meet your neighbours.

Shania Twain fans?

This guy led the crowd in a rousing version of the national anthem.

Politician Mark Taylor and one of his employees handed out taxpayer-funded swag promoting his brand. Another broken Mark Taylor promise?

Road hockey near Al’s rink.

Nice to live by the immersion school.

Lakeview Park to get a big upgrade?

Pieing a teacher at Lakeview P.S.

Peace man.

Props to the organizers.

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