lurking in the weeds

Bells Corners bike-taxi passengers.

Batter up in Lynwood Manor.

Door-to-door flyers – if you live in Bells Corners you probably got a delivery menu.

An affordable alternative to using Canada Post community boxes or Metroland?

Stabbing on Tybalt Cres. in Westcliffe this afternoon. Paramedics used “specialized dressings” to control a 30-year-old man’s bleeding, then took him to the hospital trauma unit where he was listed in critical condition.

Around Canada Day is a good time to ask for donations.

Residents feel patriotic and want to support the troops.

A toonie gets you a “badge” for the wall and some good PR for FreshCo.

The new manager seems to have a large budget to fund favoured causes.

Local Heroes to reopen?

New sign at GearHead.

Licence plates and censorship on Facebook-is-the-devil.

Donald Trump visits the Bells Corners Tim Hortons.

Lots of red and white!

The patio with the amazing awning festooned.

Will the new sign in Lynwood Park change behaviour?

Get it?

2 5 / off?

This Green guy is running against Lisa MacLeod in the next provincial election.

James O’Grady has his work cut out for him. In the last election the Green Party candidate only got about 2% of the vote in Bells Corners.

What happened next to Prima Pizza on Northside?

This company bought the building and will be moving from their rental space on Larkspur soon.

Why rent when you can own? Fortinet is moving out of the Lloyd Francis Boulevard plaza.

They bought the building beside their other Bells Corners facility on Moodie.

Lurking in the weeds.

Bilingual branding.

Fixing the gas pump at the Bel-Air Motel.

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