BC rocks?

Fifty years ago.

Computing Devices Canada, a global defence contractor, was the biggest employer.

The central building now houses TechInsights.

The “global leader in patent services and technology intelligence” moved from Kanata North last year when it bought Chipworks.

Chipworks was in this building for a couple of decades.

Canada 150 in Lynwood Village.

Canada 150 is good for business – everyone’s trying to cash in.

Politicians love holidays too. It’s a great chance to associate your brand with a popular event.

All funding courtesy of corporate allies and bloated office budgets.

Liberal bash at Britannia Park.

Jim Watson’s Canada Day.

Rick Chiarelli’s New Years Eve.

Fake-LVCA Family Day.

Jean-Luc/Tristan’s Canada Day.

At fake Bells Corners community associations it’s about gaining preferential acce$$ to the building and political advantage. At real community associations it’s about community service.

Another LVCA tax fraud fumble.

Not everyone leaves the hood to celebrate.

Bells Corners Legion celebration.

Football car wash cheer team.

Cheering for the Ottawa Sooners.

A similar event at Local Heroes.

Cool Italian bike at the heritage motel movie set.

Bike-taxi chips at T&T’s.

Radar gun looking for speeders at Ridgefield/Evergreen.

Cash grab?


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