ca$h money

Exam time at Bell High.

Big changes next year when D.A. Moodie closes and Bell becomes grades 7-12.

Sweet summer holidays for this Bayshore Bell student.

The Beast is groomed, giving commuters a respite from traffic chaos on the strip.

This Italian grandfather LOVED his lunch at East Side Mario’s.

The whole family gave the food and the service top marks.

The Mike Holmes of Lynwood Village. Family-owned business – three generations! (Paul Kirk, 613 226-6252)

Cash money on borrowed time? Do poor people want to ban payday loans?

Temporary sign reefer madness at Local Heroes, Gear Head.

Looks like Gear Head 2.0 is no more.

This guy is glad to hear that the Cedarview active transportation corridor will be upgraded.

Only minor improvements.

It’s a popular route for human-powered vehicles and pedestrians.

Bells Corners biking routes.

Patio flowers finally up at the Brew Table.

Iftar at Topkapi.

Second ride for this Toastmaster.

Tasty fries at Canadian Tire.

Batter up at the Cedarview ball diamonds.

Nice volunteer landscaping at the Bells Corners library.

Kardish kustomer.

Reevely raked over the coals for speaking the truth.

Who do YOU trust?

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